Show 009 – All about Headphones, Live Recording Setups and more!

This week Jon talks about different types of headphones and which are useful for the home studio environment, Ryan talks about various setups for live music recording…and then we ramble on and on about something…

Listen to show # 9

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This one is long and silly…it’s been a long and silly week.


3 thoughts on “Show 009 – All about Headphones, Live Recording Setups and more!

  1. I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on headphones for tracking. NOT high-quality mixing headphones, but headphones for the band members to wear while recording so they can hear each other in the studio or live room. There are dozens of choices between the $10 and $30 range, per set of headphones. Thoughts?

    • Nevermind – I listened again. I guess Audio Technicas and the Direct Sounds are your choices for musicians to wear while tracking, although it was more implied than stated outright. Still… $100/pair for something that will inevitably get sat on or beer spilled on them. Kinda pricey when fidelity isn’t paramount.

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