Show 018 – Do It Yourself Studio Ideas and A Brief Explanation of Mastering

In this episode, Ryan talks about some cool Do It Yourself ideas for the studio, and Jon gives a brief explanation of the elusive art of Mastering.

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DIY preamps:

DIY pedals:

DIY Pro Studio Gear:

DIY Cables:….

Studio Acoustic Panels:

DIY Qquipment Rackmount:

DIY Pop Screen Filter:

DIY Subkick:–How-to-make-a-microphone-from-a-speaker/

Telephone Mic:

DIY Article:

Mastering Programs:

Steinberg Wavelab

Bias Peak

Mastering Plugins:

Izotope Ozone

IK Multimedia T-Racks

4 thoughts on “Show 018 – Do It Yourself Studio Ideas and A Brief Explanation of Mastering

  1. Hi guys, your show was recently brought to my attention by some of my listeners. I am a member of the and run Originally this was a show that focused on recording and played home recorded songs but I grew quite bored of the technical aspects so we moved to a home songwriting focused show. We play submitted songs and discuss approaches and ideas for songwriting etc. We interview people and do other various segments. I’ve been going weekly for 3 years now.

    Anyway, loved the show, like the short format. Do you allowed rebroadcast of your segments. We have often included segments from inside home recording on our show as the subjects are of interest to the listeners (just not that much to me LOL).

    Keep up the good work and let me know.


  2. Hey guys! I just recently discovered your show and I’m glad I did. I’m new to home recording and I’m learning a lot. Definitely helps with the learning curve.

    I sort of slowed down the excitement on recording my next song project to make sure I absorb all the tips here before diving into the mix. You’re actually helping me put a lot of thought into my music/home recording hobby so I hope I put out a product way better than the last one.

    I’ve downloaded a lot of your shows and burned them on a CD so I can listen to it over and over on my drive to and from work.

    For this particular show… I know it’s about two years old but I thought I’d share my DIY pop filter and LDC shock mount projects.

    I’ve taken some flak at some recording forums for it because they don’t see the practicality of making one when I could’ve easily bought one off the shelf. For me it’s just merely for the satisfaction of building something with my own two hands!

    More power and can’t wait for show #95!!!

  3. That large diaphragm mic shock mount shows some ingenuity, good thinking. I can see why guys would tell you you’re nuts for making it instead of buying it, but I make custom furniture for a living, so I totally appreciate the drive to just figure out how to make something with your own 2 hands with whatever tools and supplies you can pull together. Crafting a piece of hardware by yourself isn’t far from crafting a song by yourself I’d say. Your critics should ask themselves: Does making the hardware make you money, well then… does your song writing and recording make you money? Huh? Who’s doing what for fun??
    (Hey, I presented all that without swearing!)

    I’m currently working on a DIY adjustable shock mount for kick mics. I’ll blast it out to the community once it’s done and see what kind of flack I get. I’m having fun doing it, that’s for sure.

  4. I know this is an old one but I thought I could add a bit to this list of diy ideas:

    Studio desks- I made mine with 26 units of angled rack space, a top shelf for monitors and a custom spot for my control surface for less than $125. This unit has the functionality of a multi thousand dollar console desk, plus it’s made to my specs and finish tastes.

    Drum triggers. Easy and CHEAP. There are plenty of resources out there for DIY drum triggers.

    DIY is such a great thing for getting your studio together in a cost effective but quality manner.

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