Show 028 – Clearing Up A Dense Mix and Digital I/O

This week Jon talks about how to clear up a dense mix by useing EQ however you see fit to get the job done and Ryan looks into the jungle that is digital inputs, outputs, and formats.

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3 thoughts on “Show 028 – Clearing Up A Dense Mix and Digital I/O

  1. Great show guys, I love this podcast, I really do. I found the mix a little bit dense, not sure if it was affected by the overall post-processing of the podcast. For example, I couldn’t notice the synth. However, I got the idea. Sometimes we think there are shortcuts or rules, the only one that I think works is that “if it sounds good, that’s the way to go”.

    Greetings from México.

  2. It is a dense mix, but I did squeeze it a little hard on mastering. Jon asked me to drop the overall compression for his clips. I am outputting the file right now. It will be available for download in about 20 minutes. Thank you for listening. We appreciate the kind words.

    – Ryan

  3. Hey Ryan,

    I just listened to the show and I think that s/pdif only carries two channels of audio. Although I’m not sure if it’s s/pdif or toslink, but the digital out on DVD players handles surround up to 7.1 I think.
    S/pdif can also be transfered via light pipe, for example the G5’s and Mac Pro’s have a digital in and out on the back. I believe that only transfers two channels of audio.
    Then, Tascam also has or had their own digital connection called T/DIF which handles up to 8 channels of audio. You guys were correct in saying that there are a pant load of formats.
    The Digi LE interfaces(001, 002, 003) can handle up to 18 channels of input and output with the 8 analog, 8 ADAT, and 2 S/PDIF. I’ve done it before with a 001 and it worked fine. It just depends on how fast your computer is.
    One last thing, someone told me they were able to connect AES to S/PDIF with a XLR to RCA cable running a very short distance. I personally have never tried it.
    I hope I didn’t ramble too much. Keep up the good work guys.


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