Show 029 – Voice Over Recording and Mixing Strategies

This week Ryan talks about Voice Over Recording and Jon talks about Mixing Strategies. We also have Jesse Zoller helping with the discussion, Jesse was interviewed on Show # 23.

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Emusician article on Mixing Strategies
The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook

2 thoughts on “Show 029 – Voice Over Recording and Mixing Strategies

  1. Another good show. One more tip I’d toss in there regarding mixing, especially for people who are new to mixing and might not “know where they’re going” is to listen to a pro song in a similar genre and figure out what they did with the mix. Use that as a starting point, then tweak from there in your own mix.

  2. Ryan and Jesse sound OK, but Jon needs to back off the mic! Sounds like he’s using an SM58 with a proxemity effect that’s on the verge of distorting. There’s a podcast called “The James McCanney Science Hour, and the guy I think is using a cheap headphone mic, with no windscreen on it- drives me crazy! I’ve e-mailed him several times, telling him that he would sound MUCH more professional with a pop filter. Jon doesn’t have that problem, but I can’t believe his audio isn’t on the verge of clipping.

    What’s the “correct” mixing order of EQ, De-Essing, Compression, reverb, etc.?



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