Show 31 – Delay throws and Panning

This week Jon talks about using “Delay Throws” in mixing and Ryan explains Panning.

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3 thoughts on “Show 31 – Delay throws and Panning

  1. Hey guys!

    *******[I love your podcast! it’s so helpful!]******

    My question is…

    Could you perhaps cover how best to capture a good electric guitar sound from an amp, or multiple amps, from 1 mic or multiple mics, what sort of environment is best for recording guitar and whether to mic on axis or off axis etc…?

    I have been doing a bit of recording using my basic home setup… (Lexicon lambda – running cubase le4)
    And each time I just stick my mic (EV PL88) a little off the centre of the speaker and hope it sounds good… I’ve heard a lot of different stuff about how to get the best sound but I’m just confused. Any suggestions???

    Thanks, Much appreciated! Keep making those shows!

  2. One other thing…

    I am going to purchase some software to do midi drums well very soon and I am tossing up between: Groove Agent, EZ drummer, Addictive Drums and possibly spending a bit more on BFD or reason. Each program has its pros and cons and at the moment I am leaning towards EZ drummer, but not so sure… What should I look for in each product and what are your reccomendations?

    THanks Again!

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