Show 36 – and Gear purchase regrets

This week Ryan talks to Craig Sowby from a great service to get professional drum tracks for your songs. Jon shares his big gear purchase regret, we’ve all got at least one! If you’ve bought some recording gear that flat out sucked, let us know!

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3 thoughts on “Show 36 – and Gear purchase regrets

  1. Gotta love the Stryper shout out.

    Luckily I did not pay for it, but a studio I worked out bought a used Sony 3324 DASH reel to reel digital recorder for about $250,000. You can find them in pawn shops now for $1000

  2. The DASH machines were a really big waste of money. I used one just once at a studio in Arizona. That was their big selling point, they had this awesome 32-track digital machine. To me it sounded like crap, and I wondered why they just didn’t use the perfectly good Studer 24-track deck. 24 would have been just fine with me.

    It’s crazy to think that just one machine had cost ten times more than I’ve got invested in my whole studio now, and I’m making at least the same if not better quality records.

    Thanks for listening,

    Jesse Zoller

  3. Great show, guys! It was very interesting listening to you guys talk about what you like in drum tracks that are done off-site, as a drummer who does this frequently. One significant way my process varies from is that I don’t send an invoice until the client is totally happy with the drum tracks. Most serious artists are very particular about the way their tracks are done, and I don’t ever assume that I’m going to get the track the exact way they want it on the first shot. Keep up the great work!

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