Show 43 – Drum Miking and Mobile Recording

This week Ryan talks about drum miking, and Jesse talks about mobile recording.

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2 thoughts on “Show 43 – Drum Miking and Mobile Recording

  1. Good show guys. I specialize in live recording. I agree with a lot of the points. In my experience the big killers are:
    1) not splitting the mics (this can introduce hums, noise, etc.)
    2) not synching the digital gear properly (I use a master clock)
    3) taking the console outs from FOH (these are normally post-fader, post-gain–not good)

    Happy tracking!

  2. Hi guys. I am really keen to do mobile multitrack recording. Jesse, just wondering where in your setup you connect your analog mixer that you explained that you use to advoid latency for monitor mixes. I cannot quite work out where it goes in the signal chain.
    Thanks very much and keep it up…loving the shows, thanks!.

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