Show 45 – Guitar pedals for mixing and Saving your ears

In this episode Ryan talks about using your stomp box guitar effects for mixing and Jesse talks about the importance of protecting your ears. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Show 45 – Guitar pedals for mixing and Saving your ears

  1. I have been looking for content like this for a research project I am working. Thanks very much. These types of cheap electronic gadgets used to be readily available down at the mall when stores like Brookstone and Sharper Image were around, but when those places closed down I obviously had to come up with a different way to feed my habit.

  2. Regarding the ears: Good topic, not to be taken lightly. I’m glad that I now have individual headphone controls for my jamming buddies so that we aren’t getting into volume wars.
    When I go to a concert, I bring 3 sets of foam earplugs. I have a set of full length in one pocket, 3/4 length in another and 1/2 length in another. Just cut them with an xacto. I don’t recommend using any smaller than 1/2 length; they might be hard to get out.
    Having whatever length you might need on hand will help to avoid the temptation of not using them at all.
    (Sort of follows the same theory of when you’re trying to cut back on nicorette.)

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