Show 47 – Monitoring On Different Sources and Patchbays

In this episode Jesse talks about the importance of monitoring your mix on several different sources and Ryan explains the basics and usefulness of patchbays.

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5 thoughts on “Show 47 – Monitoring On Different Sources and Patchbays

  1. That’s very true. I’ve used them many times when producing radio spots. Just go down to the local computer supplier or Radio Shack and buy the crappiest cheapist things you could buy. It’s a great way to check the mids.

    Thanks for listening.


  2. So, I guess you change the EQ settings on your ipod for monitoring that particular type of music? Which makes me wonder, how many people actually go into their ipod and select those EQ’s or if they just leave it at the factory default, whatever that is.

  3. It was actually a dumb joke / observation, a spin off of the comment about how the bulk of the listening audience is 14 years old, and add to that, now it’s on an ipod with factory earbuds. This has got to be the root of any frustration you pros have; the inability most people have, to hear what you guys pour into getting stuff to sound great, largely due to their crappy playback gear. Oh well, I’ll shut now, and I’ll keep listening. Thanks.

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