Show 48 – 5 tips for a more stable DAW & Troubleshooting a system

In this episode Jon gives 5 tips for improving the stability of your DAW, and Ryan explains how to troubleshoot any system.

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RadarSync Free Edition Get your drivers updated (PC)
AutoPatcher Windows updates the better way (PC)
CCleaner Cleans the crap and fixes the registry (PC)
Defraggler A defragmenting tool (PC)
OS X Combo Updates The safest way to update your OS X installation.
Ebtech Cable Tester

Behringer Cable Tester

If you call the IT department, this is what it’s like on the other end.

4 thoughts on “Show 48 – 5 tips for a more stable DAW & Troubleshooting a system

  1. Hey guys,
    Catching up on shows after vacation. I have a comment about the DAW segment. There was a defrag app for the Mac but I haven’t tried it since I got an Intel Mac. I did defrag my older mac once and it totally hosed my DAW (Cubase 3 at the time). I had to go back and do a clean reinstall everything. The defrag might have been fine on the disk where audio files are, but on the system disk I think its a bad idea. And I hear that Macs don’t need defraging, just run the disk utilities every now and then.

    Thanks for the shows.

    • This is very true. On the Mac I recommend that you always use and external or separate internal drive for your audio. Every month or so, backup that entire drive, erase it completely, then reload it with you data. This will give you a fresh start that is better than what any defragmentation tool can offer.

  2. I’m using a mac and have a firewire audio interface, and only one firewire port. Any recommendations on saving audio to an external hard drive? Do I have to use the USB 2.0?

    Thanks guys. Great show.

    • You have to chain the devices. The mac has one port but the interface should have 2 and most hard drives will have 2 as well. I use a La Cie D2 Quadra 1TB, OWC makes great inexpensive high quality ones too.
      Oxford chipset is very important with drive enclosures.
      USB 2.0 is not recommended for external drives.

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