Show 51 – Record Business, Mic Polar Patterns, and Vocal Booth Tests

In this episode Jesse discusses the current state of the record business, Jon talks about different polar patterns of microphones, and Ryan talks about how to check your vocal booth for acoustic problems and how to solve some of the issues.

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4 thoughts on “Show 51 – Record Business, Mic Polar Patterns, and Vocal Booth Tests

  1. I enjoyed this episode very much – especially the explanation of different mic patterns and their applications. I was reading in EQ last night that when using 2 mics to record a vocalist/acoustic guitarist that it is preferable to use a condensor on the guitar and a cardioid or super-cardioid for the the vocal so that the guitar does not bleed so much into the vocal mic. Also, I enjoyed the discussion about room acoustics/treatment. Here’s a shot of the acoustics in my home studio at the monitoring position:

    I did this test last year after installing 9 panels I built for room treatment. I’m told it’s not bad.


  2. As far a micing a singer playing an acoustic guitar, the EQ magazine suggestion is a good one. I also like to use ribbons or figure 8 patterns to use the null points properly.

  3. Everybody does the 4 mic method differently.. Chill Dude..Chill…HRS is the bomb, and you guys always do an awesome job! Keep up the good work! Joe Marsh

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