Show 52 – Samson Q7 Review and Vocal Comping

In this episode Jon tests the Shure SM58 against the Samson Q7 microphone and Ryan discusses the ins and outs of vocal comping.

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Tad Donley
Shure Torture tests
Samson Q7
Shure SM58

4 thoughts on “Show 52 – Samson Q7 Review and Vocal Comping

  1. Thanks for sharing Tad’s insight with us!

    Had a client recently during a vocal comp ask me if I could get the “T” at the beginning of the word from a take he had done two years earlier and add it to the new take.

    I love loud breaths between words. Tori Amos and old Steve Miller are great for that

  2. Working in the audio post world, sometimes a client would come in years later and update a spot with a new tag line. Then they’d sometimes get upset that it didn’t sound exactly the same as it did 5 years previous. Then I’d have to explain that people’s voices change a little and that we’ve installed a new console in the last year, so the circuitry is not the same. And they still don’t get it. Sometimes clients can frustrate the hell out of you.

  3. In one of the shows around this time, Jon mentioned that there was an online forum where you could get feedback on mixes. I was wondering what the name of that forum was. I’d love to join it if it allows fairly amateur home recording people like myself??

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