Show 59 – Inexpensive Home Studio Furniture & Power Conditioning

In this episode we talk about inexpensive home studio furniture and Power conditioning.

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Ikea Makes Great Studio Furniture, Honestly!
Samson PS15 Power Conditioner

6 thoughts on “Show 59 – Inexpensive Home Studio Furniture & Power Conditioning

  1. Just dropping a line to tell you guys I enjoy the show. It reminds me of certain times I’ve had as a session musician, and say there’s an outside engineer on the date, and everybody’s taking a break, and the visiting engineer and the house engineer are just sitting behind the console having a cup of coffee and they start comparing notes and tricks of the trade. Boy, I sit on the couch in front of the console and open my ears up wide, and hear the most interesting and useful stuff.

    You do a good service podcasting this kind of thing in a shooting-the-breeze style. Thanks.

  2. Interesting show.

    I’m still in the middle of listening to it. A topic of discussion came to mind. What do you guys think about expensive (i.e. Monster Cables) for mic cables, etc. versus run of the mill (i.e. Musician’s Friend) grade cables. Might make for an interesting discussion on the podcast.

    A loyal listener.

  3. Hey guys,

    You might remember ages ago I posted a question re: virtual drums etc, well I went with Jon’s advice and got EZ drummer and after having it for a while now I have to say that it is fantastic! So thanks for the advice Jon!
    Oh and I can also reccomend the Jerker desk, I have one and it’s great – very easy to add on whatever you want.

    Great show as always guys, keep up the good work!

  4. Hey guys –

    I’m a middle aged “real” musician trying to cross the digital divide, and I must say I really like your show. I went back and started with show #1 and although I have a long way to go, I especially like hearing the different opinions. I get so tired of reading/hearing about the “right” way to do things – so I love the debate you share a LOT. And of course the audio examples are priceless.

    I’m a fan! Don’t stop. I need you.

  5. The UX-2 has all the same features plus an extra instrument in, an extra XLR in and two VU meters.

    That’s keeping your ears open and being sensitive tto the artist.
    White board, calender, traseh basket enough desk space, thesee are some basic ways to keep yopur studio organized and neat.

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