Special Show – The Audio Recording Podcaster Roundtable 2010

This is the 1st Annual Roundtable Discussion of the Audio Recording Podcast Community.  This show includes Ryan Canestro, Jon Tidey, Jesse Zoller, Ronan Chris Murphy, Dave Chick, Slau, and Big Al Wagner.  This is a long show, but certainly worth the listen.  Where else are you going to hear all of your favorite podcasters together in one place?!

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9 thoughts on “Special Show – The Audio Recording Podcaster Roundtable 2010

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  2. You guys were talking at length during the roundtable about the length of your show. I’d like to give you some feedback: It depends. Your segments are usually very dense, a lot of information in a very short time. Keep them short, because the listener can only take in a certain amount of information. I think, the current length is just right (some of the shootouts were a bit too long, you stop listening for the differences). Your group discussion afterwards can take a long as you want. It’s great to hear your opinion about the segments and how each of you feels things can or can’t work.
    The roundtable was a nice idea. You could do it more often.
    Finally a word about Logic. Please stop the bashing. I know that Logic does not work well in live recording. But that’s fine, that’s not the purpose of the program. It’s a software for mainly electronic music composition and for scoring. You might wanna listen to Hens Zimmermann’s Sounds Good podcast and the magic he can do with logic.
    Other than that – keep up the great show & Thank you for all your efforts.

    • Thank you for the comments. I will certainly pass this along to the guys and we will be sure to discuss it.

      The Roundtable was great fun to do, but a scheduling nightmare. You would not believe the amount of emails that it took to pull it off. I think that one will be kept to an annual schedule in January once a year. I think that is all I would be able to handle.

      The Logic thing is more of a joke than anything. All the audio programs out there have a usefulness and functionality that the others do not.

      – Ryan

  3. Thanks for commenting Boris.
    I like to keep my segments as short as possible, because I think the open discussion part of the show is the best way to learn. It’s good to get anothers take on how they go about doing things.

    I also have to agree with Ryan that the Logic thing was a joke. I personally don’t like Logic, I haven’t found it useful for the type of production I do. I use ProTools it takes care of all my needs. It’s the DAW I started using when computer recording started taking off and it’s the one I know best. It’s not perfect, and there are things that I’d change, but it’s what I use. The point is use the tools that work right for you and makes your life easier. If that means going back to a cassette 4 track, then use that. The final mix is where the proof is. As long as it sounds good, go with it.

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