Show 66 – Recording a Resonator Guitar and All About Vocal Booths

In this week’s show, Jesse gives us some examples of different techniques and microphone placements when recording a resonator guitar and Ryan covers the basics of vocal booths from the most basic to the most complex.

Download Show #066

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Special mix experiment for the next show!

Download the bare bones instrument and MIDI tracks to make a mix from this 45 second song clip that Ryan put together.  The point is to see how we all make instrument choices and mix in very different ways on the exact same source material with very different end results.  The guitars and bass need to be reamped or run through amp modeling software.  The drums and keys are MIDI only.  They will need to be run through virtual instruments, synths, drum machines, or whatever you want.  We are all doing a mix for next week’s show.  Play the HRS home game along with us!

Pro Tools Session

Raw Audio and MIDI Files for all other DAWs


10 thoughts on “Show 66 – Recording a Resonator Guitar and All About Vocal Booths

    • We will talk about the mixed in next week’s show, but you can really send them in anytime and we will find a place to post them all as they continue to come in.

  1. Great idea with the mix experiment! What’s the preferred way to submit? I’m almost done — just need to brick wall limit the dynamic range to about 0.2 dB;)

    • I would like the submissions to be MP3 at 192 kbit/s so I do not have to encode them all before I post them. I guess that I should have mentioned that in the beginning! Also, let me know what you did to get your mix. What plugins, methods, etc that you used to get the finished product. Send them all to me at ryan at homerecordingshow dot com.

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  3. Would a drum cage be a good way to set up a make-shift vocal booth? Our church has the shield with square pads on the bottom and 6 foot pads that go along the sides and back. Don’t know if that was very clear but you probably get the picture. Anyway, Thanks.

    • Hi Jeff
      It’s worth a try. Lots of absorption is most desirable for a vocal booth. Heavy blankets draped over top might do the trick.

  4. Hi, i know this is an old post, but i really would like to download the raw tracks of the contest so i can practice. In don’t have that much material to work on…
    The link is now dead. Does anybody know where i can download these files?



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