Show 78 – Doubling Vocals and Triton Audio D2O Tube Preamp

This week Jesse talks about doubling vocals and Ryan reviews the Triton Audio D2O Tube FET Microphone Preamp.  While Jon was away, a fan of the show named Jordan Mills sat in with us.

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5 thoughts on “Show 78 – Doubling Vocals and Triton Audio D2O Tube Preamp

  1. William,

    Thanks for that. I actually have used that plug-in before, but I’ve used it more for aligning dialogue while doing ADR. Some people are really good at ADR, but this comes in handy for all the others. Thanks for listening.

  2. Another great show, thanks guys!

    I have a question not specific to this show, figured I’d ask it here – what would you say are the primary differences in mixing electronic music and traditional music? It seems that, with electronic music mostly being created “in the box” (electronic drum sounds, synths, etc) that you have to spend more time tending to spatial adjustments, with reverb, EQ, stereo width, etc. As opposed to traditional music where a lot those things would be handled with mic placement and the room being recorded in. Am I wrong?

    I’ve been experimenting with electronic music for a while but still can’t seem to figure out what kind of principals I need to get the mixes sounding decent. Thanks!

  3. Ryan You never comments about the quality of the build of the D20.

    Guess what people like or don’t like on Mic Preamps differ dependent on what you use it for or what turns you on.. That contributed to what makes our recordings etc unique .

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