Show 86 – Adding Samples to Drums and Recording Beatbox

This week Ryan talks about adding samples, in this case other than drums, to drum tracks and Jesse talks about how to record beatboxing.

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Audix Beatbox Mic

2 thoughts on “Show 86 – Adding Samples to Drums and Recording Beatbox

  1. Layering in found sounds to drums – loved it! I’m going to run around banging on everything in my path now… and listen for the possibilities.

    I’ve recorded beatbox for years and helped other people record it. In my opinion the mic technique depends a lot on the style of the performer. I VERY often recommend using more than one mic, as you suggested, but you’ve got to worry about timing differences between them. 421s are great!

    Nice “Vancouver” punch in. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip on the beatbox recording. I thought I might use my Heil PR40 next time, instead of a 58 or 57. I’m also going to blend the LDC in with it as well. As far as the Vancouver thing, we’ll get around to recording a new spot for the show. We’re stuck with what we have for now.

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