Show 91 – Bobby Owsinski Interview

This week Ryan interviews Bobby Owsinski.  The interview is a long one, so the entire show will just be the one segment.  Take a listen… it is more than worth the time.

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Bobby Owsinski

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6 thoughts on “Show 91 – Bobby Owsinski Interview

  1. thx so much for sharing this.

    bobby’s book are my pillow for a long time now (dont know if i can say so…)

    my time to share, i’ve been lucky enough to visit and record some drums in Le château d’Hérouville, i could also play on Elton John’s steinway (wich is still there).

    at that time ppl were trying to start the studio again but it failed cause of the actual owner of the castle.

    what i remember is the unbelievable sound in the live room, the amazing reverb in the stairs (used on bee gees record)

    that place was a perfect one for creativity at any stage, writing, playing, recording, mixing, living and for sure lots of party.

    i think its the reason why ppl like elton, bowie, pink floyd came here, not for sightseeing cause except an old church, fields and cows there’s nothing to see there.

    great show

    thx again

  2. The reason 10cc were able to spend so much time on “I’m not in love” was because they had their own studio! So no bills! Cool! It was called Strawberry Studios in Stockport, Cheshire, UK, and as a teenager I used to pass by there regularly hoping to see a star or two. It started as a songwriting studio for Eric Stewart of the band, then Graham Gouldman bought in and it became a successful studio in the North West. Paul McCartney recorded there! Sadly closed as a studio now but I think is still a multi media facility. More here: check out the studio interior photos – some seriously cool retro gear there. I wanna time capsule to go back there for a day!

  3. That was a great interview…

    I’m right with you – the 70’s recording sessions, and the sounds around them, are WAYYYYy more interesting than someone on a ProTools rig. 🙂


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