Show 98 – Interview with Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R & Recording Cello with Lazslo Mezo

In this week’s show, Jesse talks to Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R and Ryan records cello with Lazslo Mezo

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Jesse’s Hearing Screening Results (click on image to enlarge)



Reading Results of Screening

Lazslo Mezo

Mezo Records

13 thoughts on “Show 98 – Interview with Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R & Recording Cello with Lazslo Mezo

  1. Hi Guy’s..

    Another fabulous show.. Loved the Hearing one but the Cello demo recordings and discussion was brilliant. Lazsio was so cool and obviously a real master of his instrument and art.

    BTW.. “classical” players and composers etc are taught transcription like you discussed. Hearing and transcribing is a real skill but it is learnable but some folks are real naturals..

    More of the same please….
    How about a different instrument..

    ps.. Hmmm maybe not bagpipes however .. LOL

  2. Wow, this show was packed full of great info.
    Ryan, wonderful sounding examples of a great player and just getting a clean, well recorded instrument.
    Jesse, very cool interview. I wanted to bring up some free hearing test apps. I think the one I downloaded is uhear. I just had my hearing tested by an ENT because I was exposed to a loud noise at work.I compared the findings to the quick hearing test app. Although the apps were not as detailed it showed the same ranges of my hearing loss. Thankfully I’m well within the normal range. Not to say this should replace a real hearing test, but it may would be the only test some people would do or could afford. It may also show someone they need to see a doctor for more accurate testing. Again great show.

  3. Scott,

    That’s exactly what Kathy recommends. She just gives you a basic hearing screening, and then refers you to a doctor if you need further evaluation. She’s really trying to get the message out about protecting your hearing. I was working off a cold when I saw her, and she said that probably explains the dip around 3k to 4k. Remember to always use ear plugs when you can in loud situations, and try and cover your ears when fire trucks and police cars go screaming by.

  4. Hey Guys! Once again, great show! And what a coincidence… I just had my hearing test done on Tuesday (11/23) because of some hearing loss on my right ear. I couldn’t even hear musical notes correctly so I had to take a break from playing and recording my music. Thankfully, initial test was within normal limits indicating that my eardrums and middle ear were OK. Unfortunately, I’m not out of the woods yet. The doc suspects I may have Meniere’s Disease (an inner ear problem) so I need to go through more testing to confirm or rule out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is just something temporary because it would really really suck just when I’m starting to understand mixing and getting back with my music hobby (I’ve been on hiatus for about 6 years). So yeah, protect your hearing. This is coming from someone who have enjoyed it since birth, taken it for granted and now may lose it as a result.

  5. Hi guys; great show as always. I’m a big fan.

    So I was wondering; with all this talk about head-room and clipping, I was wondering if somebody (Jon) could give a primer on peak-metering vs RMS-metering. For example the meters in many compressors, gates etc can be switched between peak/RMS. What is peak information for; what is RMS information for?

    Maybe you could also explain the different levels on dynamic range meters like the TT meter or Free G from Sonalksis. And can I just say I adore Jon’s geek-tastic explanations of phase (ep 42) and mid-side techniques (ep 44).

    You guys are Rock Starz in my podcast world!


  6. awesome show. you guys seemed more frisky than usual! 😉

    thanks so much for doing the segment with Kathy. hey, you can’t overemphasize the importance of hearing protection. I’m a tinnitus sufferer of 10+ years and it really means alot to me that you decided to address this issue.

    ok, i’m going to go quit all the fun things so i can reduce my tinnitus… coffee; buh bye! the one thing i have noticed is that during sex–i don’t notice my tinnitus, so, there ya go. we can keep that one. 🙂

    Mark B.

  7. Hi Guys,

    I look forward to your show every week, and you have taught me a lot!

    I appreciate the recent cello and violin segments. I have a warm spot in my heart for ribbon mics. I am much like Ryan in that I am drawn to vintage sounds. Has anyone had success or failures with strings and ribbon mics? Please share your experiences and insights.

    Thanks and keep doing what you do!

    Brian Russell Cook

  8. Thank you so much for covering the issue of hearing loss. I am 25 years old and suffer from Meniere’s disease. There is no cause and also no cure. It’s very frustrating, and depressing, since I haven’t done anything wrong to get the disease.

    THANKFULLY it’s only affecting my left ear for now. Unfortunately the disease is slowly destroying the hair cells in my left ear. I have lost much of my hearing up to almost 1000 khz in just 3 years. Imagine taking a steep HPF EQ all the way up to 1000 khz and applying it to your left ear. I also have aggressive fluctuating tinnitus in both ears. Listening to music on headphones can really suck if the mix utilizes wide stereo imaging. Audio and music isn’t the best passion to have with this disease, haha.

    I just also wanted to beg anyone with healthy hearing to PROTECT and CHERISH it. Us music and audio lovers highly depend on it take it for granted until you start losing it. Sorry for the long post.

    Thank you again for the podcasts and for covering this topic!

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