Show 105 – Comments catch up and HRS Theme Submissions

This week we catch up on a few weeks worth of comments and listen to the theme song submissions from our listeners.

This is a long one so bring a snack. Thanks to all the listeners that submitted themes.

New format coming for show 106.

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20 thoughts on “Show 105 – Comments catch up and HRS Theme Submissions

  1. If you guys are taking votes then mine is for the first Scott Wilder tune – love it.

    If you’re not taking votes then consider this hate-mail! ;o)

    I loved hearing all of the submissions. It restores my faith that there’s real talent out there. It’s just a pity that we so rarely get to hear it, subsumed as it is beneath a mountain of fashion-led iPod-fodder.

    Here’s to you guys – while ever you have the sphericals to put such a supportive show together I’m happy to give you what help I can.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for playing all of our submissions!(Sorry for turning your head inside out though). Actually, I was glad to get some constructive criticism out of it. I’ve enjoyed your episodes on phase in the past, but it continues to be a big trouble spot for me. Is there a technique for training your ears to notice these problems better? Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from your show over the past year, so thanks for doing what you do! Grymm.

  3. Hey Grymm
    I think you start to develop an ear for it over time. If you check your mix on a phase scope, like the one built into the TT Dynamics meter, you can see its waving in to the negative side more often than not.

    I suspect some stereo widening, possibly in your mastering chain is to blame.

    @Dave Chick I think it was William’s that had flute.

  4. Thanks Jon!
    I just got that plugin after the metering episode, but hadn’t checked it out yet. That will be a most valuable tool indeed! As for my ears, I imagine it’ll just take some time. But that’s ok ’cause I plan to keep rockin a long time! Thanx, Matt.

  5. “Slau is a vocal anomaly; you know, like a duck!” Best line of the show, Ryan. I’m donate 2 bucks for that alone. God, I LUV this show.

  6. Hey guys; I just got done listening to the show. Hearing the new theme-song submissions was a real eye-opener. The old song was ok, although it never really moved me. But hearing all the new submissions, the old sound (from a mixing perspective) was triple platinum. The new songs didn’t gel, didn’t have a kick, didn’t tame the snare, or didn’t have any space.

    Conclusion: mixing is hard; and whoever mixed the original theme song (y’all guys) really have some chops. Hats off to you.


  7. I said once and I’ll say it again-luv, luv luv your show guys!!! However, and with all due respect; Ryan-please let Jon talk? This last episode you cut Jon off several times. He was about to go into his website post ‘Drugstore Fanatics Recording “What’s Born In The Basement”‘ and you cut him off as you did several times (and I really wanted to hear about that-I had checked it on his site and thought it was quite interesting?). Don’t get me wrong-I love you and you do a GREAT job-just a little constructive criticism.

    Thank you for pimpen my podcast world!!!!!!

  8. Wolf howl (sigh). It’s a pan flute. That section was supposed to have a bit of an asian vibe.

    Lots of great submissions!!! My favorites were the ones that weren’t afraid to be quirky and original.

  9. OK, here’s a question for you. I use an Ikea Jerker desk for my mixing station, with the swivel platforms for my monitors. To get the true equilateral triangle between the listening position and the monitors, my monitors are positioned under the back 1/4 of the shelf above. It dawned on me that it might be causing some early reflections on the high end. So, should I (a) move the monitors out wider, flattening the triangle but getting out from under the shelf or (b) put some sound treatment on the underside of the shelf? If so, is foam the right choice?

  10. @Andrei Great questions. We’ll answer in detail on the show if you can wait.

    The short answer is yes the shelf is blocking/reflecting sound.
    Wider positioning is better. 30* angle pointing to 18″ behind your head.
    Decouple speaker from stands. Foam is ok for this.

  11. There is a great section in the book “Mixing with your mind” about speaker placement. More than anything that whole book just gave me the confidence to trust my ears, both in setting up a room and in mixing. Sweep a sine wave and listen from your mix position for modes. Play some pink noise and move your head around to get a sense of how big your listening sweet spot is. Pump some lows and identify any rattles or sympathetic vibrations in your room. Learn to listen and you’ll soon become lightning fast at recognizing audio anomalies. Once you trust your ability to hear these things then you can have confidence in mixing. It’s all about confidence in your ability.

  12. Thanks Jon and Spargee. Haven’t checked out that book yet, but will. Jan – 30 degrees from each other, or 30 degrees off the point 18″ behind my head?

  13. Hello. I listened to the roundtable podcast about the Total Access Master class that Slau brought up. He mentioned the price of these. I just got an email for a session in Polarstudios(Led Zeppelin, ABBA, A-ha etc.) with the guy(Lennart Östlund) who produced all these bands.

    The price for a weekent is 2000 swedish crownd(about 240 us dollar).
    That’s a good price. Even in Sweden (we are very cheapish here)


  14. Interesting website. Nice to know there’s other home recordist’s out there that actually care about sound more than the “I got the newest soundblaster, so I’m ready to go pro” crowd.
    By the way a duck quack’s DOES echo. Check out this segment from Mythbusters … go to 9:10 if you’re not into watching the entire clip.

  15. hey no need to read this one out loud, just wanted to say I love the show! I’m 51 and finished an online recording course and a 6 month apprenticeship through the Recording Connection at Hydestreet studios in SF. Now I’m working in my modest home studio and love the combination of real studio advice, with a home studio focus. You guys are relaxing but not boring to listen to and each episode has several nuggets to take home.

    Maybe you guys could do a show on how to incorporate a 4-track cassette into a home studio. I have a basic PT-M with a Profire2626, ADAT, and a few pieces of outboard gear. I’d like to know how to get the best use out of the cassette and (low end) 8-ch mixer while still working with PT.

    Congrats on a great show

  16. In case you’re worried, when the home recording show gets the new format it’s not going to be like when it happened in Wayne’s World.

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