Show 107 – New Format, Preamp shootout and more

The new and improved Home Recording Show. This week Ryan compares all his preamps and in the Rapid Fire section we talk about compression for high-gain guitars; acoustic guitar fingernoise; and ethernet cables for digital audio interfacing.

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Huge thanks to James for the very funny commercial he made for us and Stella for the voice over work. Also Ryan would like to thank Steve for his help on a session last week.


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11 thoughts on “Show 107 – New Format, Preamp shootout and more

  1. Female Voice – Nice
    Content – Good ( although, for yout mic/pre shootout/comparison, a cleaner source like am acoustic guitar might have shown you many more differences than the over the top distorted synth bass tone you had….
    Show length – Nice
    Plea for money in a creative way – cool
    Ending – Very Abrupt..there was no, See you next week, thanks for joining us , it felt very cut off at the end… IMHO – YMMV 🙂

    • @Carey I’m not satisfied with the ending either, we have another chunk of VO to do that I couldn’t wait for with this episode.

      The shootout was really about listening to the differences, not a which one is better situation. We all get excited by new gear and tend to assume its going to be the best on everything. Based on a simple test like this you can hear the contrast between each and make better choices when the source DOES matter. Also, you can’t reamp an acoustic guitar, so then performance, mic position & all that is another set of variables that changes everything.

      Thanks for the feedback on the show.

  2. rock solid show !

    i love the new theme but i miss my flute 😉

    just a thought : as a new topic for the show, i’d like listener to share some of their recording.

    for example : i’ve recently recorded a drummer with only 4 mics, and i’d love to share with you short examples of this session.

    tell me what you guys think.

    thank you

  3. Hey guys great show. I especially liked that commercial. Was that serious or a spoof? Either way my donation is on the way (

    So speaking of new ideas for the show (Since William brought it up), what about an interview with one of the recording engineers out there who specialize in orchestral recordings: like for Disney movies or something. I think the show mainly focuses on “band recordings” or capturing sounds that may or may not need to be “real.” What about more acoustic recordings where realism is king? Just a thought.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Been really busy lately so I only just got round to listening to the last few episodes of the podcast, as ever its brilliant.

    I am curious though, what is your favourite microphone choice and setup for acoustic guitar recording?

    p.s. The D112 is like the holy grail compared to a SM58.

  5. I appreciate the intent of the preamp shootout but I found that distorted synth sound *so* obnoxious that I had to fast forward through the segment. That’s the first time I’ve skipped ahead during your podcast. I can appreciate that the point of the segment was the differences between the pres/mics but, geez…. trying to listen to that was like shaving my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tin foil. 😛

  6. Hi guys!
    Many thanks for this very hot show this week. The new music is quite good but i really really liked the old one. The guitar riff was amazing, tight and signalized great things to come (thanks Jesse).
    In reference to the last show i was pleased to hear amped keyboards . I think that all the plugins can´t add the natural feel you need. It s a good idea to add some dirt to your synths and rhodes with some sort of amp/cabinet, a mic and a preamp. I am using a 70ties Guyatone Reverb Combo (Japanese Fender Clone) with a boss bass chorus to make my rhodes even more warmer. Distorting your synth via a amp is quite sick – I like it.
    So keep on, i will never skip a segment. Skipping is D112.

  7. Good show. Regarding the ethernet (cat5e, cat6) cabling for digital interfaces: this is not really a new idea. I know Focusrite is bringing it into the studio now with RedNet, but it’s been used in live sound for some time. “Digital snakes” have been possible for a while for commercial installations. A digital mixer talks to a digital interface (i.e. Yamaha DSP5D) on the front end and will send all signals and returns through the one cat5.

    Just discovered your show. I like the variety and the fact you don’t talk down to us listeners with absolutes. Great content.

    • We have talked about digital snakes in the past. I even did a segment on live Yamaha boards after I attended a class at Yamaha corporate. This one was just in reference to the home studio and hoping we get the technology sooner than later. Thank you for checking out our show and hopefully we will see you around for a while.

  8. Hey guys I guess my sort of post funny tongue in cheek comment I had made about loud theme music got taken badly last time…

    I suppose I should have used some emoticons or something to let people know I was trying to make people laugh.

    The new show intro felt a lot smoother than before.

    My only real issue with the last intro was that I would play the show for hours on end while working, and the iPod would flow one show to the next, like I had mentioned I would scramble to keep volume in check to avoid hearing damage.

    I want to give my long overdue thanks for all the effort you guys put into creating the show, and I encourage you to keep up the great content!

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