Show 109 – HRBC Recording Fest and more

This week we talk about the recent HRBC Recording Fest event Ryan attended and in the Rapid Fire section we talk about Advertising our services, unusual percussion and Sidechaining. Filling in for Jesse this week is our friend Sydney Galbraith.

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HRBC Recording Fest 2011

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11 thoughts on “Show 109 – HRBC Recording Fest and more

  1. Awesome show. I would love to go to a recording fest, except I am all the way on the east coast. :/
    I really like that ad towards the end about coffee and velcro too. xD

  2. Thanks for putting out a great show guys. I’ve learned so much in the last few months listening to your show. Anyway, I just wanted to let Ryan know his preamp shootout inspired me to purchase my own Sony F-98.

  3. I’m not sure what they’ve been at before, but I was seeing em for $10 – $20. Some had a buy it now for $25. I’m still waiting for mine to show up in the mail. I can’t wait to mess around with it.

  4. Hello you magnificent SOB’s
    I started this whole recording adventure on cubase LE4 and have stuck with cubase ever since. Im now using cubase 6 full version. I know I could go on the web and find my answer but I much rather hear my questions answered from you guys. So my question is what are the differences between cubase and Protools? I will always stick with windows cuz first of all I do this for fun and second, I hate band wagons and trends and can’t think of a reason why I need to switch to apple. So this is why I’m asking cuz some people think you have no clue in recording if your not using protools. But if protools can give me more advantages then cubase well that would be a good reason to switch…

    PS: I giggle like a asain teenage girl when I hear my name on your podcast. God I’m pathetic

  5. Ryan, I remember you talking about driving up the prices on those f-98’s in an earlier show. I have gotten two now, and the price for both was around 10 to 15 dollars. On the show when you first mentioned them you said you could get them for 3 bucks so yes, you did drive up the price! But either way 30 dollars for two great mics is a steal. Also, there was a show where you compared all the ones you had and they all sounded different from each other (but still good). I did not have such different results with mine. Only slightly. Both sound great though so, thanks for the heads up on these things!

  6. @Nathan

    They covered this on the Audio Nowcast once and they made a pretty good point about why you’d want to use Pro Tools: and it’s simply this, file exchange. So if you’re passing files back and forth with other engineers, it’s good to have a common file type so everyone’s basically working off of the same document–song or whatever.

    Now, if that’s not the case and it’s just you or a collaborator or two, PT might not make sense.

    Side-note: Plenty of guys on the NowCast work in game audio, or scoring and they use all kinds of stuff. Digital Performer, Logic, etc.

    As long as you get results with what you’re using, your DAW doesn’t really matter. I’ve kind of tried a bunch of DAWs at this point and eh it’s all the same.

    I mean Pro Tools Vs. Cubase…in the states it’s heavily PT I believe. But if you pick up a copy of Computer Music UK for the artists it’s pretty heavily weighted towards Cubase with Logic and Ableton Live thrown in.

    Rock on.


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