Show 112 – Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Review and more

This week Ryan reviews the Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter Mic Activator and in the Rapid Fire section we talk about dogs in the studio, our favorite mixing trick, and whats on the top of our gear lust list.

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16 thoughts on “Show 112 – Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Review and more

  1. Old tube mikes used some amplification right at the base of the mic stand, so a hotter signal traveled down the cable run into the studio. This is just one of the reasons tube mikes sound good, but worth mentioning relative to the CL-1. I know some engineers like to preamp any kind of mic they can out in the studio proper for the same reason. A few manufacturers even make remote controlled preamps to save trips in/out of the studio. So it doesn’t surprise me that the CL-1, which amplifies the signal early on, would help get a more “whole” sounding signal down the cable and into the control room. Cool idea. And yeah Ryan, the sm7b needs tons of gain most of the time and this box seems like a good way to do that.

  2. I seem to have a problem with the podcast – the iPod keeps stopping and moving to the previous one in the list. Anyone else had this happen? It sounds like it’s where there were edit points.

  3. Lots of people seem to be mentioning the Cloudlifter lately. I’ve seen a few other reviews floating around. I’d be really curious how it stacks up against the Triton FetHead as I am in the market for something like this. I have an SM7b and I just picked up a Cascade Fathead so the extra clean gain would be a big help for me on those two mics. I’m leaning towards the FetHead because of the convenience of it only needing one mic cable vs the Cloudlifter’s two cable approach. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • @DaveChick @Jonathan @Justin uploaded a new file. Hope that works for you.
      Normally I render a wav out of Reaper and drop it into Razor LAME for conversion.
      This week I rendered the mix as an mp3 right out of Reaper. Same LAME encoder with same settings.

  4. I was wondering why you pitch shifted your voices, but then I realized my interface was still set to 48kHz. xD

    Great show guys. The cloud lifter sounds fairly useful.

  5. Matt glad you mentioned the Triton Fethead. I was gonna mention that it is similar to the Fethead that Ryan had a play with a few months back. And the cost of the Fethead is under $100 How much is the Cloudlifter?

    I also think the inline Fethead is a clean and practical approach and because it attached right at the back of the mic reduces the possibility of cable noise being amplified.

    Triton also produce brother and sister units.. A Filtered version with high pas filter built in, a Phantom version for mics that need Phantom power and an attenuator version for those mics with high output that actually needs “padding” down.. Ref last weeks HRS show..


  6. Since this podcast episode came out a year ago, Cloud Microphones has added a “CL-Z” to their line. Does anyone know how it compares to the original “CL-1”?
    I’m looking for a clean boost for a SM7B before going into a profire 2626, and the original CL-1, at about $100, sounded like it was the ticket; wondering if one of these 2 puppies is still the best bang for the buck since it looks like I’m still putting off getting a really good pre.

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