Show 115 – Vocal Recording And Mixing Tips And More!

This week we share some vocal recording and mixing tips and in the Rapid Fire section we talk about Parallel Compression; Stereoizing; and custom plugin presets.

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9 thoughts on “Show 115 – Vocal Recording And Mixing Tips And More!

  1. Regarding the Reflection Filter and similar products: I want someone to explain to me how putting a small amount of absorptive material at the null of a cardioid mic significantly helps reduce room reflections. I’m not saying they can’t make some difference, I simply think there are more effective approaches you can use for free.

    In addition to a pop filter I find that a low rolloff before compression significantly helps reduce pops.

    Open back cans (such as AKG 240s) are more comfortable for long sessions and allow a performer to hear themselves in the room some. If the level isn’t too hot bleed doesn’t have to be an issue. I like to have some open and closed back headphones available so I can offer a singer what works for him/her.

    “The right mic needs less corrective EQ.” Preach it, Jon.

  2. The multi compressor thing is why I really want to buy the “Really Nice Compressor”. They have a “Super Nice” mode that basically is three compressors working together that I’ve heard works really well and I’d like to get my hands on it and try. Have you guys heard of it or tried it?

  3. I just bought an RNC but haven’t tried it on vocals yet. I also got an RNLA because of the “different” sound it contributes. Hope to both on vocals in a few weeks where I have time and opportunity to experiment so will know better then.

    BTW>> Funk Logic sells a rack mount adapter for the FMR gear so you can rack mount the small devices in to a rack.. Works really well..

  4. In response to Randy’s comment – having absorptive material behind the mic traps the vocals before they hit any reflective material (i.e. a wall) to begin with. It’s not as good as a true vocal booth, but FAR better than recording vocals in a room with no other treatment. I once recorded vocals in a “booth” made of mic stands for a frame and blankets for a wall. It sounded really good!

    Now here are my questions for the guys regarding the vocal tips:

    1) My music room is treated, but it’s just one room. I did a test recording and get ~-50db of noise from my PC: do I need to worry about that for tracking vocals, or is that low enough that it won’t interfere when tracking vocals?

    2) What’s the story on compression when tracking? Must have? Only if you have hardware compression? Matter of taste?

    Thanks guys, as always a great show…


  5. Interesting idea, Andrei. I think going past the mic to the front wall then returning past the back of the mic to the wall behind the performer then reflecting back to the front of the mic is the longest possible path for the vocal. That is not the most significant cause of “roominess” in my opinion. I stand by my original comment: there are more effective approaches you can use for free.

  6. What’s up guys? I was just wondering if you could help me out. I am in the market for a “colored” preamp and wanted to know what you think about the ones for 1000$ or under. What ones do you like the best? What ones have you used and what did you use them on? Why did you like them? I’ve got a few “clean” ones and I’m chomping at the bit for a good one on the other side of the spectrum. I know there are plenty of things to consider here and this is a tough one to answer but, I was just wondering what ones you guys like the best at the price point. Also, any word on when Jesse is coming back? I like his wit and input. I hope he’s not gone forever. Either way, I’ll still be here listening though. Thanks guys.

  7. I’m going to guess that they’ll say the Golden Age Pre 73, around $300 street, is one of the better values in the sub $1000 range.

  8. John G .. You could also look at TritonAudio D20 Tube Fet Pre. It has options to add harmonics in so can produce a really nice sound.. It’s a really nice hand built “Boutique” device. I am not totally sure of the local US$ street value but my guess would be around US$850. Ryan did test one and discuss it on teh show about 6 months ago. You can get them from or and also probably from other more local suppliers.

  9. Hey guys, Great episode! Im a long time listener and this is my first time commenting.

    With regard to timing reverbs and delays to a vocal track, are there any hard and fast rules or any articles or you could point me towards? Also, if a track was recorded without a click track, whats the best way to time the reverb to a vocal?

    Thanks again guys! Keep the content coming!

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