Show 119 Bonus! Microphone chat with Matt McGlynn

We had so much fun talking to Matt McGlynn on episode 119 that we couldn’t fit it all in the show. Here’s all the stuff that didn’t fit in with the other topics.

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10 thoughts on “Show 119 Bonus! Microphone chat with Matt McGlynn

  1. Great show as always, when you guys talk inexpensive gear, mics specifically, rarely is anything from Blue, MXL, Behringer, m-audio ever mentioned. Is this because you have no experience with them or you purposely steer clear because they are crap? As a hobbiest, I am always drawn to low cost, just don’t want to waste the little I have to spend on this obsession. Thought?

  2. Just started checking out your podcast. Really enjoyed this show on mics. I’m looking to buy a stereo matched pair – the rode nt5 has caught my eye. It’s about $400 for the pair. Would this be a good set or is there something better in that price range?

  3. Oh and perhaps I should mention I will use these mics primarily on acoustic guitars and also drum overheads…

  4. Expensive mics versus cheap mics.

    I’ve got cheap mics a plenty (AT 2020, check). Recently though I borrowed a friend’s Peluso mic and…

    Complete and total depression.

    It sounded amazing. And I think for me, it wasn’t just air or clarity or anything like that.

    It was simply, for me, the EQ curve in a sense. It sounded perfect. It sounded like it had already been EQ-ed to perfection. It was the EQ you hear on a record.

    My crappy vocals and crappy guitar work sounded like the most amazing crappy vocals and guitar evah!


  5. Great show, and glad to hear some love for the M179.

    Have any of you tried the Blue Bottle Rocket Stage 1 (disclaimer, I listened to this yesterday and don’t recall anyone mentioning it, but if you did disregard this question)? I really like the idea of the interchangeable capsules for a go to vocal mic. Plus, if you pick up the Stage 2 or the full on Bottle all the capsules move over.

    Also, any opinions on the premodified imports like the Advanced Audio microphones and the like?

    Keep up the awesome show.

  6. You have my vote for the Drum recording with only Sony F98… You can even borrow the two I bought from eBay following your advice , but I have not tried yet…

    Actually, you could do a shootout with all possible sound sources and save me the time! Something like the series on synthesizer Jon did in the past… F98 Basics, F98 201, F98 for recording ducks…

    Thank you very much for your work.

    Madrid (Spain)

  7. Two things:

    First, last time I tried to record drums in vacuum, we kept having to replace the drummer every few minutes or so. We soon realized that it was difficult to pick a solid level on the mics without air, so we compromised by just securing plastic bags over the drummer’s heads and achieved mediocre results.

    So, if Ryan can send out any further pointers on his process, that would be great!

    Second, measuring off-axis response might be done with a testing jig that employs a small but precise stepper motor. Fix the position of the pink noise source and then rotate the mic through a 360 degree arc at a consistent distance (call it yaw). With a fully articulate bracket, one might take several turn through at a few angles of incidence (or pitch and roll). Different heights would be an addition measurement. It would have to be automated, so, in other words, The “Mic-Bot 2000”.

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