Show 132 – Ryan’s big live sound adventure and more

This week Ryan shares his story of a recent live sound job with the band Ceasefire opening for Daughtry. In Rapidfire we cover: EQ and compression on mixbus; crap mixing speakers; latest studio purchase.

Joining us for discussion this week is Jordan Reynolds.

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12 thoughts on “Show 132 – Ryan’s big live sound adventure and more

  1. Well guys, three times now after podcasts discussing DAW’s, I have asked why you never mention Sonar. The last time was after the lengthy discussion of Reaper where I pointed out Sonar does pretty much everything Reaper does and at the recently reduced price of $399 including many high end VST’s and VSTi’s I asked why it is you never mention it, even adding if you think it is shit, that would be an acceptable response that would not hurt my feelings.

    Imagine my anticipation as I anxiously awaited your response, finger trembling over my mouse with the cursor precisely positioned over the donate tab as I listened to the comments section this week. Then imagine my surprise, shock, and even disappointment when you once again, ignored the request for information why you NEVER mention Sonar, not to mention the sudden cramp that developed in my finger preventing me from executing the donate command.

    Seriously guys, your complete ignoring of all requests regarding comments about Sonar seems a bit anal retentive, not to mention it has made me rethink donating, now that I finally have a few extra bucks to send your way. And as often as you beg for donations, it seems rather strange and self defeating that you would again completely avoid the subject, including not even bothering to post a response in the comments section. I mean, it isn’t like I am asking you to solve World hunger, the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, or the ongoing World and US economic crises…

  2. I thought I remembered hearing on a recent show about you guys making a top 10 recording podcast list. Could you tell me where I could find that list?

    You guys are still #1, but I have a lot more hours in the week. Thanks.

  3. Re: e.scarab

    I recall them mentioning Sonar once before (unless I am thinking of an old IHR), in the context of none of the guys having tried it. If I have my podcasts mixed up, my guess is just that; they simply haven’t tried it or used it enough for form an opinion.

    Correct me if I am misinformed, but both of them sound to be Mac users and Sonar is still targeted only at windows users. Their lack of commenting on this topic is more than likely that they have no comment. Giving them an ultimatum just seems like an over reaction, and frankly somewhat rude. They give us this show for free. If you don’t feel like giving them your money, at least give them your respect.

  4. That’s a great idea. Send the guys some money and they’ll review a product.Maybe $500 per review and the listener provides the product also. Ha!

    Seriously just because something you like doesn’t get any love don’t be a hater. I would rather the guys review something they use and know well. Matter of fact if you love Sonar so much do a review. Do a great review and see of it’s good enough to be on the show.

    Jordan’s comment about the American Idol mic was spot on. I remember thinking the same thing. It was a very muddy vocal. I did a little checking and found several postings on that mic. Seems it’s a Blue 300 capsule with Line 6 wireless guts and Dr Beats Bling. Maybe that sheds some light on the subject.

    Keep turning the shows out guys.

  5. Another good show fellas. I like the story about Ryan’s live gig. And I agree that touring production pros are often much easier to work with as opposed to the typical jaded seen-it-all local rock sound yahoo. Although I supppose there are always exceptions.

    Concerning tone caps for guitars, I would suggest using a capacitance meter to check the actual value of caps. Once you find a cap value that suits your taste you can use almost any other cap with the same measured value. In guitar tone circuits the type of cap has less influence over the tone than the actual capacitance value. You can save yourself quite a bit of money when you realize the mojo/voodoo factor of esoteric caps doesn’t much apply in these circuits. In higher voltage situations like tube amps the compostion of caps becomes more noticeable.

    Keep up the good work

  6. Dan and Scott, not trying to be a hater. I don’t remember them mentioning it, if they did I missed it and that is my mistake. Nor do I care if they “give it love” or not and even said if they hate it fine. I am simply tying to get their perspective similar to the many shows they have had discussing Pro Tools, Reaper, etc. This is the Home Recording Show after all and most “home recordist” don’t use Pro Tools, although many are starting to use Reaper. I had merely stated that as much as Jon likes Reaper, it would be interesting to get his perspective on Sonar as it has most all the features of Reaper that he likes so well and many more.

    I would say though, that when you suggest i might be hating I would respond by saying if they aren’t discussing it because they run Macs and they don’t use it or haven’t used it, then why don’t they just say so? That seems a simple enough response to an equally simple question. It isn’t like I asked a personal question or even a controversial one. I was merely pointing out their silence makes it “appear” they have some kind of issue with Sonar and that makes me curious.

    I don’t necessarily think Sonar is the do all, end all for DAWS as I have only used Cubase, Ableton Live 8, Reaper and Energy XT 2.5. Without trying the others I can’t really make that decision. And while Ableton is great for live work, of the DAWs I have used, Sonar has by far been the best and has the most features and high quality plugins and VSTi’s. That they have reduced the price of the Producer edition $100 while also including the full pro version of Dimension makes it an even better deal. But again, I am simply curious why they haven’t even responded to say they don’t use it or they don’t know or they hate it…and for what it is worth, i will still donate…apparently my sarcasm was lost on you….

  7. This question is for Jordan, Ryan, if you can pass it along. I noticed at the end of the Podcast, Jordan mentioned purchasing the upgrade to Studio One Pro DAW. I’m a recent convert to that as well from Cubase and it has greatly improved my workflow and was wondering Jordan’s thoughts. I know Jon just did the Reaper segment but would love some feedback on this very “under the radar” DAW as well. I find it’s price point also very accomodating to the Home Studio budget and it’s integration into the Presonus hardware products to be quite seamless. Thanks for any feedback.

  8. @e.scarab: I’m almost positive Ryan and Jon haven’t ever used Sonar. Jon may have but he’s not an active user. So I’m guessing that the reason it’s never mentioned or commented upon is because they have zero input. I don’t think it’s anything personal. Dave Chick, from the Inside Home Recording Podcast, used to be a Sonar user from version 1 (I think). He switched to Logic within the past 2 years I believe. That said, if you want some overall input on Sonar I’d highly suggest checking out previous episodes of the IHR podcast :).

    @Scott.W: “Line 6 wireless guts and Dr Beats Bling” already sounds like a bad combination! No wonder it sounded bad. I own a Blue Bluebird and love that mic to death. So it’s a shame that their capsule in the Dr. Dre mic doesn’t sound so great :(.

    @Joey Townsend: I am absolutely in love with Studio One Pro. There was crap in Cubase that took me SO long to do (along with workflow preferences) that all exist in S1. The things I love about S1 are how lightweight, fluid, and intuitive it is. There’s no deeply embedded, right clicking menus to navigate. No reorganizing/repositioning windows all the time. No opening the Pool, media bay, other crap – it’s just all snapped to the browser column on the right (which you can quickly hide). I absolutely love the “editor” window that you can open at the bottom while still viewing your project above. I am a voice over actor so I do a lot of editing. I love to keep my project window zoomed out fairly far and my editor window zoomed in deep while I make my cuts and edits. The mixer view is so easy to organize and customize. (seeing all of your inserts/sends at once – doesn’t exist in cubase). I think the most awesome feature of all is how much drag n drop functionality exists in the application.

    S1 has nearly everything I want in a DAW and it’s only in version 1.x! I can’t even imagine how amazing it’ll be by version 3/4. To be honest I never showed interest when I knew Presonus was behind it. I never had a problem Presonus but all I knew was that their target market was users looking for an extremely affordable audio interface – not necessarily of a higher build quality or geared towards more professional users. This was ignorant of me. Because S1 is a highly powerful, professional, and easy to use DAW. Just in case you didn’t know Presonus hired 2 of the former main software engineers of Cubase. Cubase is still a fantastic product – but S1 got rid of all the bloated, out-of-date, bulkiness Cubase still has.

    Sorry, that was long but it was really only geared towards Joey Townsend. If anyone else read my entire post, I hope you survived.

    Joey: if you have any other questions about S1 just contact me at jordan {at} Love hearing about other people enjoying the DAW just as much as me.

  9. @e.scarab: here’s a link to a 2011 DAW shootout. You’ll be delighted to see that Sonar X1 beat out both Cubase & Pro Tools. Roland, Steinberg, Avid, Apple, AND Cockos all have some catch-up work to do if they want to be in the same league as FL Studio. No question why it’s the best DAW in the world (to quote MusicRada Magazine)

    Long live the superiority of Sonar X1!


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