Show 134 – guitar impedance testing & more guitar geeking with Jeff Brooks

This week Ryan wraps up his impedance experiments, this time with guitar levels. With Jeff Brooks joining us for discussion you can be sure we talked about a whole bunch more than that! In Rapid fire: Does cable direction matter?; Most valuable equipment vs most expensive; Guitar gear we’re lusting for.

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More guitar geekery with Jeff Brooks | HRS # 128

5 thoughts on “Show 134 – guitar impedance testing & more guitar geeking with Jeff Brooks

  1. I’ve found a solution for the wah/distortion situation: I run a distortion before AND after my wah. With bass, I run my Big Muff Bass Pi into a Fulltone Clyde Wah, then into a Fulltone Mosfet Bass Drive. This gives me pretty decent Cliff Burton lead tone.

    Great show guys!

  2. Nice episode as always. Just a simple question that may answer itself while I ask it; if a guitar amp doesn’t much care what impedance the input signal has, does a reamp box really do a whole lot? I remember you doing an AB a while back between a reamp unit and a volume adjusted signal going right in and noticing very little difference. Could this be part of the reason for the similar sound at the time?

    Keep up the great work,


  3. Definitely enjoyed the show. Thanks for reading my long winded comment about foley sound.

    While I understand the benefit of distortion before and after wah, I always put it before… but I have long wanted a box that could swap signal paths (A->B becomes B->A). I will tell you that the wah does NOT like being in the effects loop of an amp, don’t even try it (or do, your call).

    I do have a question for the guys though. I currently live in a 650 square foot apartment and have no dedicated “studio” space and because it’s rented, sound treating the walls is out. Do you have any clever temporary sound treatment tricks for us apartment dwellers?

    Much love!

  4. Sven! There’s a way that for my money is even less intrusive than drywall screws, and it looks like this:

    The smallest I’ve seen available have a load limit of ~50 lbs, which a typical 2’x4′ DIY broadband absorber won’t even touch if it’s framed with 1×4’s or smaller. I use them to hang eight of these things in my apartment with no discernable damage beyond what you’d see from hanging a picture.

    Whichever way you go, enjoy it. It’ll be great.

  5. Hi Ryan,

    when listening to the results of your guitar impedance experiment, I was wondering about one detail, which hasn’t been mentioned. I suspect that you couldn’t have forgotten about that, but was that Strat equipped with passive pickups? Just curious, if this could be the reason, or if the way amps are designed to be more or less independent from the instruments impedance is finally the reason for your results. With active pickups or additional active circuits inside of a guitar I wouldn’t expect additional impedance to have a noticeable influence…

    Don’t mind and take care! 😉


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