Show 135 – Tom Bleed Muting Techniques and more

This week we look at a few ways to reduce the bleed on tom tracks and a trick for thicker, wider guitars.
In rapid fire we answer: Transient Designers good?; Drum damping preference; how often to change drum skins.

No guest host this week.

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12 thoughts on “Show 135 – Tom Bleed Muting Techniques and more

  1. Great show as always guys. Any chance of an link? Or would using the add and switching to .ca after that sill send some support your way?


  2. A bit late on commenting on show #134, but I didn’t know if you guys have heard about the redeemer circuit from Creation Audio. It unloads your guitars pickups and basically makes your cable choice irrelevant. Its seems like a pretty handy mod to your guitar they also make a version to place anywhere on your pedal board you like.

    P.S. The direction of the cable matters, at least to my ears.

  3. Best line of the show (so far at 3 beers) -Ryan- “Please like our facebook page.” Guys, don’t be so needy. You’re lodged among the podcasting gods. You don’t need to beg people to like you.

    Thanks for the drum-bleed segment: good stuff.


  4. Have you considered putting the audience comments and questions after the main show content? I know it’s nice to have appetizers before the entrée, but it can take 10 minutes or so for the show to get started, and it’s disorienting for new listeners [like myself] aiming to learn about a particular subject.

    Keep up the good work. I’ve been learning tons.

  5. Great show as always guys! I realize how subjective the question I’m about to ask is, and that without listening to a clip this is pretty hard to answer, but recently I’ve been using an sm57 at the twelfth fret on an acoustic. Obviously not a traditional method, but it works great in a mix. Just curious if you guys have ever tried this, and your thoughts on it.

    Thanks for the great shows guys! I’ve learned ALOT from you guys,

  6. Thanks for using my segment idea! It will very helpful for when I’m doing drum edits. A few questions for rapid fire or the comments section:

    1. Your opinions on summing boxes.

    2. Most useful thing(s) you’ve learned from doing the podcast.

    Awhile back you guys threatened to do a mic shootout on toms at some point. That would be cool to hear. Recently I’ve gotten good results with a Sennheiser e609 on a high tom and a (gasp!) D112 on the low tom. I’ve used a 57 as well with decent results.

    While I’ve been messing around with recording devices off an on for the last 13 years, I’ve only run a total of three real recordings sessions myself, and only one with a band I’m not a member of. Your podcast has been invaluable for my learning process. Thanks so much guys.


  7. Thanks for another great show.

    Hiere is one great trick I’ve discovered for thickening guitars:

    If you have a stereo signal (or even if you don’t you can split one, but it works better if you do), put a10 to 20 ms delay on one side, and then trim that delayed side up about 3 to 5 db or so. Your brain will be confused by hearing the later signal slightly louder than the original signal, and you will swear that you are hearing a doubled part.

    Thanks for answering about the tape distortion! I’ll have to get me one of those!

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