Show 153 – Recording Sound Effects With Ric Viers

This week we chat with superstar sound effects recordist Ric Viers about sound effects, location recording and Chupacabra.

In Rapid Fire we cover: favorite classic sound effect; favorite location record mic; and favorite type of sound effect to record.

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10 thoughts on “Show 153 – Recording Sound Effects With Ric Viers

  1. Hey guys, great episode! I absolutely love sound effects, not because there’s so many good ones, but rather because even the pro TV shows and B tier movies so often get them wrong. This was one episode where it ended and I said “What? Already?”

    Ric had tons of great info and it brought back warm memories of recording an engine rev outside the hood, then under the hood, then revving as it drove by, then using those captured sounds from a V8 jeep on a little 4 banger econo-box, because sometimes you work with what you’ve got and not what you want and laugh about it later.

    Suggestion for a future addendum segment, how to treat the sound once you get it from the field to your DAW. A little transparent compression to even out certain sounds can a life saver and often times a little automation is the best thing in the world, but I’d love to get your inputs.

    much love,
    keep up the great work.

  2. Hey guys; good show per usual.

    FYI, I typed “Yamaha M406” into Google. Guess who the 1st hit was…! Now that’s real power.

    Ride the Lightning,


  3. Great show on sound effects. I have a chicken that makes velociraptor sounds when it gets scared, maybe there’s some money in that somewhere.

    I’m on team Ron – you guys both rock.

  4. Hi gentlemen !
    What a fantastatic show ! Like to hear more from Ric. I never thought of recording ambiances. Now thats my next project. Thanks for stealing my time recording a bus station!
    Also like to hear more of creating effects in the box. Please, get him back !

  5. Hey guys great show. I have listened to every episode, but not all in the last month like that guy from a couple episodes ago… HA!

    I have a questions about the business side of what you do. How do you structure the work you do for clients? Do you have a contract? Do you ask for 50% up front and then 50% on delivery of the final mix? How has the show affected your business?

    I’m not sure if you went over this in a previous episode, but I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.

    Thanks in advance,


  6. Im going to have to pull your nerd card… I cant believe yall missed rics ’42’ reference.

    I realy enjoyed this podcast. It reminded me of better days when spending all my student loans on girls sounded like good a idea. I took a computer music class in college and we did alot of work on sound design. I wish i would have had Ric’s book to reference during class. We did a lot of work in max/msp by cycling 74. ( Its a great platform for anyone who really wants to get in an tinker with the nuts an bolts of audio processing, though its probably more work than it worth for most sound design.

    Keep em coming 🙂

  7. I think I should have sent Ryan a private email asking about the Yamaha, looks like I may have increased demand and prices for them on eBay. Oops.

  8. Well, I finally went and recorded my rooster and here’s the results:

    There’s three sections in all, one at normal speed, one at 0.4 speed, and one at 0.15 speed. Mic was an SM7, and there’s some background noise because I set up quickly just to see what sounds I could get.

    I hope this encourages others to record their own animals and experiment with the results. Who knows, you could come up with something for the next big scary dinosaur or alien film.

  9. Ha! That rooster sounds pretty cool in slow-mo. With your permission I would love to put him in my next release. Now that your rooster is internet famous you have to make sure he doesn’t get to cockey….. Sorry I know that joke was foul…. That one too, I swear if I could I would probably freebase puns

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