Show 154 – TC-Helicon VoiceLive Rack Review

This week we review the new TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack vocal processor. In Rapid Fire we do: favorite effect in VoiceLive rack; Is automatic pitch correction cheating?; and Favorite live vocal effect.
Joining us for discussion this week is Craig Fraser from TC Helicon.

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TC-Helicon Voice Live Rack
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7 thoughts on “Show 154 – TC-Helicon VoiceLive Rack Review

  1. this is for Jon, if i’m making techno and other forms of dance music, would you suggest Reaper? i record older analog synths with midi using ableton live. i need a quick and easy way to program beats as well, so far ableton is the the only answer ive found for doing what i want but, you always rave about Reaper and its getting me curious….

    even though i’m making electronic music you guys show helps out a ton!
    thanks for all the advice!


  2. holy crap ‘~transformer humping a battle ship~’… Thanks for the coffee through the nose…

    If you write my screen name on the wall behind the mirror in your bathroom turn out the lights and light a candle then say it out loud three times one of us will magically appear and steal your soul. that what us day walkers do.

    Voice Live looks like a really fun tool. As soon as i upgrade my “Fisherprice my first studio monitors” It will get bumped up on my wish list. We’ve used digitech’s vocal 300 and its well over time for an upgrade…That and rack mount gear looks so much cooler.

    Ride the chicken

  3. Hey guys love your show and will increase my monthly $$ to $20 – well worth it. Could you address the topic of recording sample rate? I started at 44.1, then after working at Hydestreet Studios in SF went to 88.2 but found that to be too much for my Macbook pro and storage size. Now I’m at 48k as I’m doing sound for live music videos. I’ve heard mastering should be at 96k. Can you help sort out this info, particularly, where is the biggest bang for your buck in terms of quality vs. file size vs. processor load. Love the show, def the best I’ve heard. Always gets me to laugh out loud at something when I’m on the eliptical!

  4. Holy hell! Those vocal effects on the The Voice Live rack are killer! The layered chorus/arena effects sounded so good. Wow. As Jon mentioned this device would also not be heavily used by me in my studio. But if I was a total baller I’d buy one of these and play with the effects for a week straight. Imagine running other instruments and sound FX through this guy. Ok my geek-o-meter is maxing out and I better stop typing. Thanks for the review and another great episode guys!

  5. Hello
    My english is a little bit sad. Ok I want to use TC Helicon LIve Rack with Ableton Live 8/9 . So do I need an Interface for it? Or can I just connect it with usb 2.0?

    Nice greeds

  6. If I plug my TC Helicon VoiceLive Play into Reaper by USB I can’t get it to appear in Reaper’s preferences/audio/device unless I unselect the soundcard’s asio, and then select Direct Sound, which gives huge latency.
    I know you love Reaper, and so do I, but how can I keep Asio for the soundcard and connect this vocal pedal by USB?
    Apparently, even though it’s a class compliant device, and uses the default M
    S audio USB driver, it also needs Direct Sound.
    Can you think of a way I could not configure this vocal pedal as the default audio device, and fake a send from a recording track, or add a audio hardware out in Reaper’s IO?
    In the Helicon forums, other folks are hooking this vocal pedal to their daw with no latency
    When my eMu soundcard can use its asio, I have less than 5ms latency.
    I’m stumped.
    Indigo L

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