Special Show – The Audio Recording Podcaster Roundtable 2012

This is the 3rd Annual Roundtable Discussion of the Audio Recording Podcast Community. This show includes Ryan Canestro, Jon Tidey, Dave Chick, Randy Coppinger, and Joe Gilder.  Where else are you going to hear many of your favorite podcasters together in one place?!  Let us know who you would like to have join the show next year. Due to many many scheduling conflicts Ronan Chris Murphy, Big Al Wagner, Slau, Dezz Asante, Matt McGlynn and Graham Cochrane were not able to make the show… A few at the very last minute!

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11 thoughts on “Special Show – The Audio Recording Podcaster Roundtable 2012

  1. WOW guys, with all those important pod cast guys in the industry that couldnt make it, my didnt you just reschedule??? we could have waited ?? Not to put down the guys you have at all, but you are missing some pretty big guys there…..

  2. On behalf of all your loyal fans and Team Ron members, I’d like to apologize for Skidmark’s remarks. Obviously he/she has no idea the effort that a podcast (let alone a round-table discussion) demands. This show is nothing less than stellar.

    I really agree with what Jon was saying about audio hindrances around 25:52, when he talked about fighting with the Novation Automap 4 demo. I installed a demo of a sampled instrument on my Mac around Dec last year. When the trial was up, my DAW basically would launch because “no valid license was found” for the trial software. I read SO many threads trying to find how to get rid of the trial (or more accurately all the fingerprints left behind); but eventually I had to format my HDD and install everything from scratch.

    It has definitely made me more wary of trial editions of programs.

    Great show,


  3. Great show as always! Been listening to the podcast for a few months and managed to listen to all of the episodes over several months while slaving away at my 9-5 desk job (and yes I want that certificate). I especially enjoyed the bit about the OS Lion bugs since I experienced severe trauma when I tried upgrading late 2011 (mistake); since then I downgraded to OS Snow Leopard and am doin’ fine.

    Speaking of computer WTFs, my friend recently handed me down his Digi002 & copy of ProTools 9 (he got an Apogee Symphony and upgraded to Logic). I was on an old Mbox 1 for YEARS and the free upgrade was more than worth it. I also figured it was time for a DAW upgrade from ProTools 7.4 so I tried Logic, ProTools, and Reaper. I ended up keeping Reaper because it was the most stable on my system with the Digi002, which is ironic because ProTools 9 is from Avid and so is the Digi002. One would think the two would play nicely together but no… it gave my computer severe diarrhea. So I made the switch to Reaper and am loving it. But yes, technology can be completely awesome and completely annoying, like a pimple on your butt-cheeks.

    Rock on,


  4. Don’t be hati’n Mr. James, and no need to apologize for me and my comments.. Im just stating how i feel is all, trying to suggest that adding the other pros in the industry, will only help the cause.. move it from a bedroom show to a more “MASTER” bedroom show…. This CAN’T be a bad thing in my opinion…

  5. Personally, I would say HRS is more than just a ‘bedroom’ show..?! Now, enough trolling – Thanks a ton for putting this together guys, its a highlight of the year for us home recording guys!


  6. Only want to spend a little and want either USB 2.0 or Firewire…right now torn between the Mackie Onyx 820i or the Alesis Multimix 8 USB 2.0. Suggestions? Both are about 300 bucks, would like to stay in that range.

  7. Hey guys, great show as always. The computer bit did get a bit long at the end of the show but hey, I guess that’s the pain you’re feeling so you had to share 🙂

    Two words for you: test system.

    Ride the chicken (whatever that means).

  8. Am I the only one that still uses Quicksilver for Mac? It seems to find most things the finder can’t….and the Finder finds things when Quicksilver can’t. God forbid someone would combine the two…

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