Show 168 – TC Electronic Flashback Delay Reviewed and more!

This week we answer a ton of comments and questions and review the TC Electronic Flashback Delay pedal.
No guest host this week.

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14 thoughts on “Show 168 – TC Electronic Flashback Delay Reviewed and more!

  1. Ryan: “How many times have you walked into a Guitar Center and went: ‘Wow that guy knows more than me’? Think about that.” <— Best. Comment. Ever.

  2. Thank You Jon…for caring about the song(BOB Dylan writes great songs, there always an amazing performance, but thats about it)…I bet people dont even know how much gets tuned in modern music…Sorry guys…Im Team Jon -5 points Joe Marsh

  3. Hi Guys

    Love your show, both the info, the informal chat, and the jokes! Just upped my monthly donation to $20.

    This is a bit off the current subject, but I have a Peavey T-27 guitar with busted electronics. I love how this guitar feels and plays. Instead of recreating the somewhat boring stock electronics, I’d like to upgrade it. I’ve listened to your shows on guitar electronics, but what I’d like to know is: If you have this “strat” style guitar, and you could make it a DIY project, what would you love to put in it to make it unique? A preamp?, effects?, stereo out? MIDI? Just looking for out of the box ideas and perhaps some ideas about where to look for the schematics.

    Keep up the great work and keep wankin’ that chicken (guitar-speak of course)..


  4. GSAA!

    Tone print is bad ass! BTW i don’t remember if yall mentioned it but TC Electronics is doing a by two get one free thing during may 2012. The free thing is a bypass pedal but it still may not be a bad deal if you are in the market for new pedals.

    There have been a few hanging chads so ill have to do a recount on the Ron Vs Jon Vs Ryan thing, but i got the page up on the wiki.

    I’ll give the chicken some rest this week and I’ll
    Ride the Fader

  5. GSAA!

    If you’re looking for a simple analog delay with wicked self-oscillation, my vote goes to the MXR Carbon Copy. It just sounds good.

    Ride the chicken while following proper weight restrictions,

  6. Ra..ra..ra rapid fire!!!! I miss you, come back!!!

    ..anyways TFAGSAAG!!

    Heh heh

    Pretty soon, whole comments are going to be in acronym form. Mark my words 😉


  7. Hey guys, good show. Not related to this episode, but I wanted to ask a question about power. RIght now I have a couple power strips and a battery back up system under my desk. I am thinking about getting a power conditioner or something. There was a show a while back about how important it is to have a clean power source with a lot of headroom. Do you have any recommendations on what to buy? The fur man stuff seems to be pretty ubiquitous. There’s also some Monster brand power strips out there…

  8. Guitar setup has become a passion of mine after playing cheap guitars for years, while I did send my vintage Martin for repair last year, I do all my own work these days, I set up guitars for friends and bands and every time I work on one I get a little better, the money I make from the work goes to buy better tools. Who said this was going to be cheap or easy?!

  9. Tracking Headphones Recommendation: I had a couple pairs of the Audio Technica ATH M35s for years. Not super thrilled with how they performed, isolated, or felt. The vinyl earpads broke down after a few months, leaving black flakes on people’s ears. Yikes!

    Recently I found a great-for-the-price pair of over the ear tracking headphones over at Monoprice. They’re about $25 each, very good isolation, nice bass, and feel pretty comfortable. They come with a detachable cable which is really cool, so you can customize as you see fit.

    If you’re recording a full band you can end up dumping a ton of cash on tracking cans, so I’ve found this to be a really great solution. Save that $$$ for new mics and pres.

  10. Ramon,

    The DIY project I’ve always wanted to do was to replicate one of Matt Bellamy’s (from Muse) guitars. He mounted an X-Y midi controller into the front of the body of his guitar. Then that cable ran down to a Korg Kaoss pad on his pedalboard. The end result was that he could basically use all of the cool features of a Kaoss pad on his signal, but have it right at his fingertips.

    So there’s some cutting and routing involved, but I’ve seen a few folks out there who have posted their own versions of it. One was TERRIBLE! The guy actually used a flat head screwdriver and a hammer to chisel out the cavity. Hopefully you have some better tools available.

    If I ever take on this project I’ll be sure to document it closely and post the results up here.

  11. Hi there,

    I joined team Ryan through the email, and I am sad to see my vote wasn’t counted in. I would like to see the private votes given the same importance as the public ones. Do you call this Democracy?



  12. @ Victor

    In order to maintain a transparent de-mocracy it is necessary that all votes be made in a public as to ensure that there was no voter intimidation or bribery.

    There are exceptions however: If Mr Foxy witnessed said points distribution and he issues a waiver as per article 2 section 3 of the HRS statutes of voting it can be allowed. If Mr Foxy is unavailable his proxy Sir Cornwallis McClucky can also grant said waiver.

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