Announcement – HRS Live Jan 14th with Sean Costello ValhallaDSP

Hello HRS Fans!
On Monday January 14th at 7pm (Pacific Time) we will be streaming live video as we record episode # 198.
Joining us will be Sean Costello, the madman behind ValhallaDSP plugins. We’ll be chatting with him about his latest reverb plugin: Valhalla VintageVerb. We will also answer questions from the audience.

In 2012 Jon reviewed Valhalla Room and Valhalla Ubermod effects. Sean joined us for the Ubermod review episode and was so much fun to geek out with.

Watch it live
We will stream on Jon’s YouTube account –

If you can’t make it for the live stream, don’t worry! The whole thing will be saved unedited at Jon’s youtube channel and our normal tightly edited audio-only podcast will go out later in the week.

This time you’ll actually see us next week.

It should be a disaster.

13 thoughts on “Announcement – HRS Live Jan 14th with Sean Costello ValhallaDSP

  1. Guys, you rock! You have awesome show! Just cool and amazing! I listen every episode, you rule!
    I’m interesting in VintageVerb, too. It’s cool that Sean will say something about it, I really like when developers say, I feel like they are also human being like we are, but just make magic and share it with us 🙂
    yeah, crazy
    With love from Russia!

  2. I wonder if it would Sean could talk a little bit about the indie DSP scene (if such a thing exists). It certainly seems true that in the hardware world that there are a bunch of people making great products from their basement or living room, like the 51x guys, group DIY, Peterson Goodwin etcetc.
    Now, obviously nobody’s going to be assembling code at home from kit, but people like Sean seem analogous to this DIY movement: independent, solo doods putting out products that compete with the big boys.
    Is there an indie DSP scene? And if so, who are the other guys out there doing it?

  3. Since I can’t make it to the live show I’ll ask my question now, since I don’t know where to put it I’ll leave it here:

    Nothing to do with audio but the style of your plugins are rather unique, simple and elegant. With so many developers going for the “make it look as real as possible” look why did you choose the very minimalistic theme?

    Not a show question but __________________
    I know now the MP3 will go up after you have done it but will it be put up on the podcast feed?

  4. A quick question for Sean if you have time tonight:

    What I’ve heard of “…Room” and “…Verb” has been great. It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on other types of effects (Compression, EQ, Saturation, etc). What plugins/hardware does he use for that stuff now?

    Does he see himself developing anything to do those jobs (better?) in the future?

    Thanks guys! I’m not sure if I’ll be tuning in tonight but I’ll catch the unedited version later, for sure.

    Riding the Faders,

  5. Hey guys, as a regular listener from the UK, your time slot falls well into my bed time! Will this be episode be released for download or on youtube at a future date? I need my HRS Fix!

    Always a great show, so sad to be missing this 🙁

  6. Hello, umm, a great show (I only saw the failed youtube thing), haha. But since the google video thing did not work out, maybe you should ask for tips from Nick Batt over at Sonic State, he makes it work even from separate continents. Well, not perfectly, but a whole lot better than that. And hey, an idea: maybe get him as a guest on HRS, or the other way around? Since his show is more current music technology themed and yours is more technique themed, it would be interesting to get the different perspectives from each.

  7. Fellas,
    Long time listener, first time poster….Listening to the last show i heard “You HAVE to mix to a compressor.” Have i been doing it wrong all this time??!! I almost always track without any plug-ins, then add a Compressor, EQ, De-esser, etc after the fact as inserts, till i feel like i have a good sounding, warm track. I also add reverbs, delays, etc as send effects as needed track by track. I don’t generally put anything on my Stereo out, thinking that the guy doing my mastering will EQ, Limit, Compress, as he sees fit….I sometimes put PSP Vintage warmer on at the end, but that is just so i can have a demo that sounds kind of finished to listen to on different systems…Am i doing it all wrong? Should i take up embroidery or drinking instead? No, wait, i already do those…
    Thanks for cranking out a show every week – i spend a lot of time in the car, and i really look forward to each new episode.

    no chicken references at all – thats another thing i don’t really understand…

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