Show 204 – Tweaking Jordan’s studio and more

This week we talk about a variety of subjects with our good friend voice actor Jordan Reynolds. Home studio acoustics; monitoring; multiband compression; equalizers; mics; soldering; pretty much everything has a mention in this show.
You might need to watch the video and look at this image for some parts of the segment to make sense.

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10 thoughts on “Show 204 – Tweaking Jordan’s studio and more

  1. Hey Yakhumpers. LOL, thanks for reading my BS diatribe about free stuff on the net. Ryan, I do see your point on the subject. Spreading knowledge around can possibly enhance the subject matter and I think we have seen that in a few other disciplines. Maybe it can also uncover all there is to know regarding a subject and maybe new things can come out of it. Anyway, just throwing stuff at my FAV podcasting duo. ( John is Robin) Werd.. Now back to the Yak

  2. Hi Guys

    Greetings from Denmark.
    Thanks for another great show and thanks to Jordan for the tour of his home setup. Very inspirational.

    I’ve been listening to your show for some time now and I got to say that it has made a huge difference in the way i write and mix my songs.
    I have a little home setup, where i record guitar, bass, vocals and midi stuff.
    Thanks to HRS i can now focus on writing songs and use my DAW, microphones and even my room, since i bought a reamp box, as tools to further the creative process.
    Anyways, i do have a question for you: I was thinking about getting a ribbon microphone, since it would be sweet to play around and get some of that warm lush sound on some vocals and acoustic guitar. Recently the SE Electronics X1r has seen a huge drop in price, from around $300 to around $100. It’s been very difficult to find an explanation for the drop in price or finding any worthwhile reviews of the mic. I read a few reviews on gearslutz and one on Musictech, I’m not comfortable with any of them.
    I already have an SE Electronics 2200a and it’s a great bang for the buck LDC and generally SE puts out reputable products. Do you have any thoughts on the huge price drop or experience with the X1r’s quality as a home recording ribbon.

    Keep up the good work – donations-a-plenty to come.

    PS: Eat the chicken raw……………………….. and you will have plenty opportunity to nail those bathroom recordings 🙂

  3. Hey guys, great show.

    I just have two quick questions. As my studio has grown, I’ve acquired a lot more gear, specifically rack gear. I know you’re supposed to keep signal cable and power cable separated, but because I have rack-mounted power conditioners, how am I supposed to accomplish this? Any tips?

    Jon, you’ve been mentioning that you picked up a few diffusors for your initial reflections. Which ones did you end up going with, and what’s the difference between some of the ones out there?

    Thanks for everything guys.

  4. Hey Guys. GSAA. Jordan is funny, and wise, get him back on again.!

    I checked out the Tonebenders Podcast you talked about. Thanks for letting me know, that is another nice podcast.

    I’m a musician, producer & audio fanatic, i’m 25 years old, and currently trying hard to get skilled enough to get accepted to an audio education, in Denmark(Europe). There’s not alot of options here, so it takes a fair amount of skill just to get in.

    I would like to get a job in a studio (for experience, until i can apply for school next year)

    SO to round it up:
    1. Is it possible to get any job at a studio as a selftaught producer/engineer?(not just coffee making)

    2. Will the fact that i’m using ableton as a preference make it harder? Pro Tools is still the industry standard as far as i’m concerned?

    3. Any ideas on great ways to get diverse experience to increase my chances of getting into school? (for example, would it be a good idea to visit guys like you and say, Hi Ryan, can i see what you do for a day?)

    4. I know a good deal about analog gear, but i’ve never worked on a console, should i try to get experience with this prior to applying for any internships or school?

    I know this was a lot, i hope you’ve got the time to answer.


  5. Enjoyed the video. It got me thinking about foams pads I just created to sit under my monitors to provide isolation from the counter tops that they sit on. I came upon some foam material (similar to Auralex) and was able to cut it out to match the dimensions of the bases of my monitors (Yamaha NS-10’a and Event 20/20’s). After putting them in place I found that there was much less transmission of vibrations to the cabinets on which they are sitting. However, after watching the video I wonder if would be better off using some leftover OC 703 that I used to make panels for my studio walls. I’m thinking I could cut it to the right dimensions, wrap it in fabric and place them under my monitors. I wonder if this would work even better than the foam? The foam and the OC 703 are both 2″ thick. Or, maybe I should quit being such cheap ass and buy some MoPads. Whaddya think??? Thanks.

  6. Have you seen this btw?

    a new daw. They say that in the future this will be implemented:
    Multi-user music production over the internet
    Multiple users can compose music on the same document from different locations. Bitwig Studio keeps everything in sync.

  7. Hey guys, GSAA…my comment isn’t relevant to the latest episode…but had to let you know that I hate you. That damn 70s pornstache theme for your Roundtable show has been stuck in my head for 2 weeks. I find myself surfing for porn just so I can listen to the theme music….as far as you know.

  8. GSAA,

    I liked the studio walk though. I checked it out on youtube and it looks pretty nice. getting a little of the studio envy here.

    Does jon have any studio walk though videos?.. cause im too lazy to use Google and find out.


  9. This is in response to Theo’s question “would it be a good idea to visit guys like you and say, Hi Ryan, can i see what you do for a day?”

    I had the same idea, so I booked a four hour session with a nearby studio. They agreed to mix one of my songs while I asked questions about their approach and workflow. This situation turned out to be a huge learning experience. My mixes improved immediately afterwards. It was by far the best $140 I’ve spent since I started recording.

    As long as you’re upfront with your intentions and you’ve got a wad of $20 bills in your hands, I doubt any studio is going to turn you away.

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