Show 222 – Yearly Studio and Computer Cleanup and Organization and more!

This week we talk about cleaning up and organizing our systems and studios.

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5 thoughts on “Show 222 – Yearly Studio and Computer Cleanup and Organization and more!

  1. Hey nice to hear you guys again. So in ref to jons comments about it taking forever to fix the waves in his new space. Jon you dont have to do all that crap you were talking about. I just finished a critical listening class and we tuned our rooms rather quickly. Since you cant change the dimensions of the room, the physics will never change. And since the physics will never change neither will the room modes. You can trap waves and keep them from propagating around the room, causing comb filtering. Or you can disperse them but the modes will stay the same. So go here and punch in your room calculations and you can see the nodes that are a problem in your room. then treat for those specifically. I know you probably know this crap. LOL

    anyway GSAA… Gay Shit Aint Allowed.. (not gay people just gay things like Behringer)

  2. Great show guys, wanted to chime in briefly about license / key management. About a year ago I finally snapped while searching through emails for license keys after an OS upgrade and bit the bullet on 1Password. I use Dropbox to sync the vault file across all my devices, and it conveniently also holds the credentials for the websites you have to log into for download links, etc. I mean, it’s no iLok, but hey… sometimes you want to spend money on solutions that work. Keep up the great work and keep ’em coming.

    • I totally agree. I love 1password. it has saved me many times. I just recently wiped my computer (another yearly must) all i had to do was download 1password put in the one password and it sync’d with dropbox all was good.. Awesome app and a must have

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