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Starting with the Episode 225, we are changing the format a bit. We are taking out the regular comments section and answering the best questions in the monthly “Ask HRS” episodes.

In other words, every month there will be a few episodes with segments and interviews, and one Ask HRS with just Q&A and discussion.

You can leave questions for Ask HRS episodes below this post, or any other on the site, or email them to us jon[at] or ryan[at]

30 thoughts on “Announcement – Ask HRS

  1. While I would often get great content from the comment section, I think this is a good change overall. It lightens your workload slightly, allows you to focus on the comments that will be creating new content, and will probably finally kill that chicken.

    As for impedance, that was probably one of the best descriptions I’ve heard for non electrical engineers. I do feel like it should have been mentioned that mis-matching speakers/cabs to power amps can cause a nice “pop” a “sizzle” and a “well, there goes all my money”. It should be common knowledge but I just recently saw a young band plugging an amp in wrong. I tried to explain the danger but the ignored me so I went inside and said to myself “that’s going to be one of the most expensive blow offs you ever do”.

  2. Yeah, think that’s a good idea. Some of the comments are a bit esoteric or have been dealt with before, so just skipping over them is probably best for the show, maybe just referring listeners to what show addresses their comment or question best as a reply in the comments section. There was a Wiki referred to in the distant past, but there were problems with it so it was shut down – did it ever get restarted? That would be a help to many people I’d have thought. My other question was, will there be another “theme tune” competition?

  3. Great guys…change is good…I still will always love the show..
    Jon, how is the studio coming now? Ryan, are you still super swampppped at work?

    Just got a new job as an LED lighting Engineer…big move for me!

    • That is awesome. Congrats on the new job.

      Nothing new to report on the studio. I think Ryan has nearly 15 minutes of free time a week now. haha

  4. Not sure I like the idea. If it aint broke dont fix it. I think the comments have provided alot of interaction for the listeners. How many times can somebody ask how to use a compressor? Or, when i record should i have the blinky thing in the yellow or red?
    I dont know guys.. not sure its a good idea.. guess we will see.

  5. Like Burns and Allen, Lennon and McCartney, Obama/Biden, Jon Tidy And Ryan Canestro will go down in history as 2 guys who made a difference!

    New format? What ever you guys do is fine with me, but I’ve gotta say I love the show just the way it is!

    Question: speaking of changing the theme tune, before you do would you mind doing an autopsy on the bastard? I’ve heard every show you guys have ever done(yes, this is an official request for a diploma!) and I remember the theme tune show and how the tune that won didn’t sound quite like the version that’s on your show weekly. The one you use every week has balls! Did you re-do it or just add you magic touch?

    All my best to you two, you deserve it! I can hardly wait for the next show!



  6. Great idea re: comments. Also….if you haven’t already…..check out Jon’s tumblr. Amazing he can even put out the show given how much work he has done on the new house. And…WTF is up with all that weird crap from WWII in the shed Jon?

  7. Any chance of a quick rig rundown from each of you – what Mac, what spec, how many external drives, what they do, etc? I’m particularly interested in building a rig for Reaper and understanding what you guys use daily would be very helpful. Many thanks Jonathan

      • Vincent – yes I know that but I’m as interested in how they use external drives, how much memory, what processor etc as which s/w.

    • Hi Jonathan

      I think it’s important to know what kind of gigs you’re doing – are you recording mainly yourself or 4-piece bands? Recording drums with 8 mics? Or mainly mixing or editing? That sort of stuff 🙂


      • Basically I need 8 in, so an Octapre would be good. I mostly record myself or drums and myself, but from a workflow perspective I like having everything mostly plugged up so 8 seems to be a good number – I currently have a hardware DAW and that has 8. Recording drums I use Glyn Johns typically with 4 mics then a vocal, guitar and maybe bass too. Currently mixing and editing done on the h/w DAW then mixed down to stereo via optical link to PC running Wavelab. I do mix editing and mastering on the PC. I use Wavelab for CD compiling, track spacing etc. one of the things I worry about with the Mac is not having Wavelab any more.

        • Hey Jonathan
          Rig rundown will be in Ask HRS #1.

          Just wanted to say that Wavelab 7 is for OSX. That’s what Ian Shepherd uses mostly. It’s only been out for about a year so you must have missed it.

          • Great news for the rundown. I didn’t know it’s on Mac too now. I’m still on Wavelab 4 on PC but I love it, with Ozone a plugin it’s brilliant for mastering.

  8. Hey guys, long time overseas listener (Venezuela). Will you talk about black Friday at some point? For us who are interested in hearing about everything from the deals to the things that make you mental about it!

    Also on a personal note,

    What is the reality of the situation versus expectation(s) of it?
    I’ll be in L.A. by then. Ryan, what are some good places to check out on that day? On the internet all I see is Amazon, and Guitar Center and I would like to know about local deals I may not be able to see online..

    I’m looking to build a nice portable recording setup at least enough juice for 12 mics, I have a mac and an apollo interface, Any thoughts on how to flesh that out?

    You guys have a good thing going here. Great show

    • I have about 2200 to invest in this, I’m looking for some quality durable stuff, to record single instruments as well as a three to four piece band
      (hence the 12 input setup) I would especially like a couple cascade ribbon mics, and an re20 or sm7 among the choices. I have to look at cables and connectores (XLR and TRS), as I think it’d be cheaper to make my own cables and such. Where to look for good deals that time of year? Thanks guys.

  9. Dear Chicken Cavalry,
    I’ve recently been having a lot of fun getting into sample-augmenting my EZDrummer tracks, with (in some cases) some absurdly beefy results. Only problem is, I keep getting stuck on the same old samples, thanks to good ol’ option paralysis. How do you keep track of your sample collection? Jon, as a fellow REAPERer I’m looking at you in particular.

  10. Can you recommend some virtual console VSTs similar to Slate VCC? I’d love to get Slate VCC, but out of principle I refuse to support any company that uses the iLok. Maybe if the iLok actually DID something, I would support it. But to me, it’s a waste of a USB port (and one more thing that can break or get misplaced). Plus, forcing the user to pay for a physical device that only serves to make up for the shortcomings of the company’s programmers is a slap in the face.

    That being said, what console emulation plugins do you recommend that do not require iLok (or any physical accessory for that matter)? I am mainly looking for tape machine emulation and mastering solutions. Thank you, and I appreciate the new show format.

  11. I’m using an Mbox 2 mini with KRK Rokit 8 studio monitors. For a long time there has been high pitched electrical sounding hum coming from my studio monitors. This only happens when I open up a pro tools session. Also, the noise does not come out of the headphone output. The noise is loudest on the right monitor. I’ve heard DI Boxes can fix grounding issues. I’ve recently tried putting a Passive DI box between the 1/4 inch out of the Mbox and the balanced input of the right monitor. However, with that, no noise comes out of the right monitor at all. I’ve checked all the cables and they all work fine. What’s wrong and what should I do? Thanks.

  12. Question:

    Waves Vocal Rider seems like a great idea. Any experience with it? Seems like it would be a fairly straightforward concept for $300. Worth it? Comparable products available for less dough?

  13. I couldn’t find which podcast it was, but at some point, someone asked about drum triggers, and Ryan brought up the Alesis Trigger IO.

    I specialized in metal for a few years and replaced all the drum tracks on every session. I used triggers for the drums in combination with the OH and room mics

    Originally I tried out the Alesis Trigger IO, and found it to be much too sloppy of a work-flow. You would have to get the internal settings of the Trigger IO just right, which is possible and feasible if you have to do it just once, like a drummer on his own kit. Trying to get it set up and dialed in every session on a different drummer, kit, song, and tempo, however, proved to be pretty time consuming, with sub-par results.

    I had most of my trouble with sensitivity and retrigger settings (I would get double hits when i wanted single hits, or vice versa) on 1/16 and 1/32 notes (there were a lot of those). I ended up deciding to run the triggers direct to my line inputs and use Steven Slate Trigger on the raw audio tracks.

    Out of the box this worked slightly better than the Trigger IO. I still had sensitivity and retrigger issues here and there, but it was a lot easier and faster to look at the original trigger audio track and understand what it’s supposed to sound like, and edit accordingly, as opposed to looking through the piano roll at the mess that the Trigger IO gave me. For me, this felt a lot faster and natural.

    What it boils down to for me, is processing during tracking. I want the raw signal in my DAW, just like you wouldn’t want to track with reverb on.

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