Show 225 – iZotope RX3 reviewed; OSX Mavericks, and more!

In this episode we discuss the latest version of iZotope’s magic audio restoration software, RX3. We also discuss the new OSX operating system Mavericks. Should you upgrade?

Reminder: We’re not doing the comments section in each show anymore, but we will be putting the best questions into 1 show every month. Use the comments form anywhere on the site to leave your Ask HRS questions.

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9 thoughts on “Show 225 – iZotope RX3 reviewed; OSX Mavericks, and more!

  1. A little heads up re. Mavericks.
    It seems that at least Focusrite Saffire firewire interfaces may have some problems.

    When I stream from youtube or various other video or audio streams, there is consistent stuttering/glitches – well, at least sometimes. Get the same in quicktime, but when playing through “quick look” (the little built-in preview thingy in the finder). Also, I can temporarily make the stuttering go away in quicktime by pressing play on the quick look preview. Weird.

    No problems in Logic Pro X.

  2. Whoa, Whoa,Whoa, stop the clock!! Am I to understand that you guys aren’t putting slate VCC on stuff as much these days? Just curious… and in case nobody got the first reference…BABA-BOO-Y BABA-BOO-Y, HOWARD STERN’S PENIS

  3. Don’t forget Reaper’s ReaFIR can do same basic noise reduction stuff. Worth a try for the guys who have it already and aren’t ready to shell out $500 or whatever.

  4. awesome show guys.. Wow.. you went from a user inclusive format to a show with 2 commercials in it. Will there be adds next?, in between the 2 segments? This podcast was cool but now if its just going to be this. Ill be moving on. I liked the format before, it was a winning format. If its not broke don’t fix it (works in the studio why not here)
    The prior format worked because the comments allowed great banter, conversations about multiple topics, other people chiming in with more information and it was user inclusive. Many times a comment would spur something in one of your brains and it would take a completely different direction. Spontaneity!!!!
    Now, i know exactly what it will be 2 ads and out. BORING..

  5. oh.. ( this is going to be a waste because nobody is going to hear it but whatever)
    and Mavericks isn’t as bad as those guys are saying. Im using it with protools and I have yet to have any problems at all. Sibelius? No problems at all in my current workflow. It sped up my older mac and my current mac is about the same. Allthough it did free up a lot of space. As i type this to the empty nothingness of the internet

  6. I updated to Mavericks on day 1. The spotlight thing Jon was talking about comes up every time there’s an update to OS X. It’s just indexing. It will return to normal once it’s done. He also referred to problems with applications that don’t come from apple-approved developers. I ran into this and it turns out there’s an option that can be turned off in system preferences. Can’t speak to the 64-bit plugins thing. I upgraded to Logic X a little while back and that requires 64-bit plugins anyway. So I’m now running Logic X on Mavericks and the only plugin I lost was the TT dynamic range meter.

  7. Hey Guys GSAA, I’m looking into upgrading my audio interface situation. I was pretty set on the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 for a while but I’m having second thoughts, I’d like enough channels to record drums (Minimally) so 4 inputs at the very least. Do you guys have any thoughts? The Profire 2626 looks good an I’ve also been looking into the RME Fireface stuff which would be nice but a little on the pricey side. Should I just suck it up and straddle the RME chicken?

  8. Fellas,
    During your discussion of the Rx3 plugins, both of you mentioned how you have some go-to plugins. Jon, you specifically mentioned how certain plugins help your workflow… for example how an LA2A’s two knobs often make things easier than the multiple controls of other plugins (Reaper’s stock compressor was the example). While I do agree that workflow is a major factor in the mix process, you mentioning the LA2A sent my mind on a tangent. I can’t help but immediately think about my passion for harmonics and how vital they are to mixing. Even though ReaComp is light, clean and simple… it doesn’t have the harmonic distortion that other plugins offer. Some of the Massey plugs that were mentioned on the show are also great examples of simple plugins with excellent harmonic distortion.

    I got curious about this recently and did some experiments. Check them out:
    I don’t claim that my experiments are overly technical, so don’t get too excited. It’s not really even intended to be. I just wanted to SEE what some of these plugs are doing. I think the results are fascinating. So… back to your comments… Yes the LA2A has simple controls… AND it has harmonic distortion. In my book, those types of plugins are always go-to plugins. Just wanted to share my over-enthusiastic nerd findings. Thanks for a good show.
    – Jeremy

  9. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion if you have the chance. Lion has tons of problems with audio in general – especially with outboard gear. My Apogee Duet (first generation firewire) became useless after upgrading to Lion, even with the Lion drivers that Apogee released. I cannot use it without tons of crackling noise and computer crashes (it used to work beyond perfectly with Snow Leopard). This problem has plagued tons of Apogee owners.

    While some of this may be the fault of Apogee (and I will never buy a product from them again due to their shit support for issues like this), Lion has apparently been tough on outboard gear all around (some Focusrite products were hit as well). I wish I could go back to Snow Leopard, but unfortunately I have some indispensable software that requires Lion. The only upgrades that Lion introduced feature some stupid bullshit that I never even used. These audio problems got worse with the release of Mountain Lion, and I imagine that Mavericks will be even less audio friendly. After these problems (and the disappointment of Logic Pro X), I think it’s apparent that Apple no longer gives a shit about their customers who need a computer for professional audio work.

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