Show 227 – Producing Lucas Lee’s Normalcy Bias album

This week we have a guest segment from Lucas Lee about his self-produced and recorded prog-rock album Normalcy Bias. Lucas goes through the preproduction, equipment, techniques, working with session drummer Pat Mastelotto, and much more.

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5 thoughts on “Show 227 – Producing Lucas Lee’s Normalcy Bias album

  1. GSAA,

    Great segment. Loved hearing the the process. It reminded me of writing my solo stuff. I have used acid to sketch things together in a similar fashion in the past, though I haven’t been able to make the leap from capturing it on my phone to moving it to the daw… Much less putting it all into an album.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. I really enjoyed that show, particularly the outboard gear you used. Thanks for taking us through the process.

    On a side note I just bought my first tube amp (Fender Supersonic 22) and man, are tube amps loud or what? I really wasn’t prepared to only use 1.5 on the clean volume. My ears are ringing an I haven’t even made the power tubes start to really work yet.

    • Get an attenuator! 🙂 THD Hotplate seems to be regarded very well (Jon also has one). I have the Weber MiniMass. Recommended.

  3. The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is like that too! Can’t really go past 1.5 or 2 – and actually a common complaint by many owners if you search the web. I only have 1 outboard eq and 1 outboard compressor, so it was tedious and time consuming bouncing the tracks one at a time. But it’s absolutely well worth the extra time and effort though!

    BTW, Pat has an interview where he goes over his drum recording signal chain at his studio. I would assume that it’s roughly the same in what he used in my project. The interview’s in Italian, but Google-Translate was good enough for translation:

    During the initial composition stage, I did use the phone. When I set up the DAW’s tempo, etc, I had things play back through the phone while I tap tempoed in the DAW. The real tracks were recorded through into the DAW, not on the phone though.

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