Show 228 – Ask HRS #1

This week answer your questions from the last 4 shows. Thanks to all wrote in with great questions.

Topics include:
Time adjustment of drum tracks to tweak phase
New theme competition
Mark’s DIY addiction is all Ryan’s fault
The first rule of impedance club
Mixing the theme song
Using reference tracks when mixing
Our gear lists
Is this show all an ad? Is this real life?
Audio interface recommendation
Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56
Organizing drum samples
Plugins with added harmonics
Jeremy Anderson’s plugin tests
Fab’s DSP Lab at Gearevu
Tape and console emulations without iLok
Sonimus Satson
Toneboosters Reelbus
Noisy monitors with Mbox Mini
Alesis Trigger IO vs Slate Trigger
More post production, ADR, Deliverables and Loudness.

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12 thoughts on “Show 228 – Ask HRS #1

  1. Hey guys, GSAA. I’ve been working on my mastering skills for a while and I have a couple questions:
    1. I was reading an article about mastering BT’s “These Hopeful Machines” at The Lodge in NYC. They used a dynamic and creative approach to mastering this record – for example, using different types of compression at different points in the song, or printing a track to high-speed tape for one section and low-speed tape for another. It was one of the most creative approaches to mastering that I’ve come across, and inspired me to step up my game and seek more inventive mastering techniques. What “outside the box” mastering techniques have you guys used or come across?
    Read the article here:
    2. I’m moving to the middle of nowhere in a few weeks and I won’t be able to bring my studio monitors. I may have access to a studio every few weeks to check my mixes, but I’d like to minimize studio time and do most of the mixing/mastering on headphones. Do you have any recommendations for mastering on headphones? I’ve come across monitor emulation software (such as TB Isone) – is this a worthwhile approach? I’m thinking of getting some DT880’s for on the road mixing/mastering unless anyone has a better idea in the same price range.

  2. Fellas,

    My comment is really a general one, and hope you know, i am a real fan of the show, have listened to em all, so please accept this as “constructive,”

    I vote for the comments to go back to the top of every show. I just don’t like the new format as much. Is there a podcast “rule” that you can’t go over 40 minutes? Personally, i listen during my time in the car, so you could talk for hours and i would love it. I “get” that time is precious, and you two are the ones giving up yours to do the show, but it often feels like you are in a rush to get it over with. (not Jon so much)

    I loved the idea of Lucas Lee’s segment, but editing out all his breaths made it hard to absorb what he was saying, sounded so unnatural. another example of trying too hard to be brief.

    Show idea, would like to understand EQ ing to make things fit in the mix better, think it would be called “shelving”? With real examples. please.

    Question. if you use the LRC method only, don’t some elements get covered up by others that are also panned hard to the same side?

    thanks guys,


  3. I absolutely love the new show format! Great job on re thinking HRS. The comment sections were neat at first, but were getting quite long as your popularity has grown. A good thing. I really like how you’ve whittled it down to the good ones, condensed them, and made a very useful Q&A monthy podcast.

    Great job on keeping the spirit and vibe of HRS in a way that is true to you and the community, and allows for needed growth.

    I’m really impressed with how you’ve handled it.

  4. Im not a fan of the new format.. I agree some of the comments were lame and you didn’t have to read them all. But, it gave diversity to the show and broke it up. I will put up with a few stupid comments if it means we can get more variety to the show..

  5. Hey guys, I had another contender for tape emulators. I’ve had good results with Magnetic from Nomad Factory.

    The latest version is on sale at ( I’m not an expert on all the tape machines included; but they have all the classics.

    If I didn’t already have it, I’d buy it. Maybe I’ll buy it again to help out Bernie Torelli’s cancer fund.

    Anyway, at this price, it’s a no-brainer.

    Cheers and TFAGS,


  6. I have a Fender Hot Rod Deville 212. It’s loud even when it’s quiet. I remember Jon talking about a Hot Plate. I started to look into one and they don’t seem to be made any more. I found other attenuaters, but they are all way more expensive than I thought the’d be. So, a couple of questions.

    1. Do they still make the Hot Plate or replacement?
    2. Were they always that expensive?
    3. Do they even work with combo amps or were they meant only for head/cabinet configurations?

    Thanks again. You guys rock.

  7. Hi Jon and Ryan, I picked up the podcast a year or so ago and hit the archives to get caught up. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all the work you do on the podcast, I really can’t imagine how you do it week after week, well…mostly, while trying to make a living.

    I heard about the Sound Devices 633 on MacBreak Weekly 380 and immediately thought it was something Ryan would LOVE to have for all the field work he has been doing lately. The website has several videos with detail explanation. If you prefer to hear from someone in the industry you can list to the end of the episode above and Alex Lindsay gives his thought based on first hand experience. Take a look at the link and see what yogreat gear. I’m the one with my nose pressed to the showroom window staring at gadgets. Take a look at the link and see what you think.

  8. GSAA,

    As much as I will miss you reading my random brain droppings I think the new format is excellent. Besides, I can always relish the time I punctuated my sentence with penis and you read it. Great move keeping it fresh. Now if y’all have any advice on how I can get back on a good schedule so I can get back into the studio it would be great.


  9. GSAA.

    I don’t know if it was this show or not, but somewhere around here the concept of password safe utilities came up. Anyway, in the world of free–but AWESOME–tools, I use KeePass professionally (Cyber Security Compliance) and personally to hold all the goods.

    KeePass is open source, can organize all the entries into groups, and can easily be setup to auto-type. In other words, it recognizes the site and with Ctrl-Alt-A enters your username password, and any other custom field you configure. Has a good Notes field too, which can be handy for whatever arises.

    Anyway, I use KeePass, store the encrypted password database on DropBox which provides access on multiple computers. I additionally use the free MiniKeePass app on my iPhone to get to the info from anywhere else.

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