Show 229 – Francis Stewart song production with Marco Bucci

This week we have a guest segment from Marco Bucci on the production of his cover recording of the song Francis Stewart by Tony Sly.

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8 thoughts on “Show 229 – Francis Stewart song production with Marco Bucci

  1. Ahh Synths… The power bottoms of the music world…

    Amazing stuff Marco. Great song and wonderful insight into your thoughtful and sincere process.

  2. Nice song. Weird feel to it, I like it.

    Couple of things that threw me off:
    – guitar needs tuning, very apparent in first intro
    – viola needs tuning as well (or maybe more precise playing?)
    – maybe more care in playing the acoustic for the verse? Some parts are not very clean (fret buzz mostly)
    – some tuning on the background vocals (in particular the low notes)
    – second intro: I can hear some buzzing on the right side, maybe from the electric guitar
    – some EQ carving needed in the second verse, too much mid range for my taste
    – same on the backing vocals of the last intro, I can hear the room 🙂

    Arrangement wise, you could replace the last verse’s viola with a full string section to give it a more dramatic feel, maybe adding some heavier percussion at the end; I would play the pinao chords more gently to leave the percussive elements to the vocals – the words are actually very percussive in their meaning.

    I like your explanations on the arrangements, that was vey cool. Thank you for the segment.

  3. GSAA,

    Absolutely love these and shows like the autopsies. They make me want to run into the studio and get to work.

    I really appreciate hearing the raw and then the adjusted tracks. This is where my ears learn the most…well at least learn what I’m doing wrong lol.


  4. I have a question for the next show; Santa got me my first hardware compressor! Would running my recorded tracks out of my motu interface, through my golden age pre75 preamp, then through my compressor and finally back into my interface degrade the sound too much? Is it better to have the comp. in my signal chain when I originally record and commit to that sound. I know it’s impossible to undo recorded compression. Much like my’s cheaper to keep her! 😉 P.S: I rate a diploma but I know you all are too busy kicking ass to get me one. Stay awesome!

  5. Wow Marco -I really loved that.
    I get emotional at times and this effected me because I loved it so much in fact.

    I loved the choice of the slightly de-tuned piano. I got a strong mental picture of an old upright piano being played in the back of an old Western saloon when I heard it!.
    I am pretty sensitive to instruments that are out of tune but this time it was entirely appropriate and suitable.
    So its’ true to say I really got the warm and fuzzies from this- thankyou for sharing this great work with us. Regards,

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