Show 231 – Great drums with 4 mics

This week Jon has a segment on recording and mixing drums with minimal equipment. The tips and tricks you need for great drums in the worst situations.

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Did you like the music in this episode? Check out From the Ground Up by Luke Wallace; Mixed and mastered by Jon Tidey.

5 thoughts on “Show 231 – Great drums with 4 mics

  1. Wow, interesting timing. Just recorded my first drums in the home studio today. 4 mic setup in a 10×16 room with a slanted ceiling (11ft on one side, 8ft on the other). Beta 52 on kick (no port), 57 on snare, and a pair of MXL 2001’s as overheads. Had “better” mics available but they were the producers and he likes em – ended up sounding pretty good. OK I lied I threw my new DIY subkick up there as well, but probably won’t get to use it – going for vibey folk/alt country (think Neil Young Harvest and Ryan Adams Heartbreaker).

    Here’s the issue – unfortunately vocals and guitar were previously tracked with “scratch drums” and there are some serious tempo issues. Don’t blame me, I just engineered the thing! The real drummer did great, but some comping will be needed. Do you have any tips on comping drums? We’re going to have the overheads pretty forward and I’m worried about comping/nudging a hit here or there with symbol wash and such. Am I screwed? Any secrets?

    Thanks a ton for everything – no diploma yet but give me a month, I’ve only been listening since December!


  2. This show was great….. and would have helped a couple of sessions I did. The most notable was one I did with just 3 mics – snare (SM57), kick (D112 – I’m not a fan, and I think I’ve had better results with a 58) and mono overhead (sennheiser me40 obscure but really fun for low end capture).

    I havent heard you guys talk about the Beta57a – do you not like them? the Beta58a gets some lip service but none for the Beta57a. If you havent checked them out I think they’re worth your time. I just got one and its great for my uses.

    Also Ryan, I dont know if you have replaced the pickups in you’re les paul yet (you are talking about it about 90 shows ago) but I think you would really like the Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbuckers they are a great ’58 les sound so worth checking out. They sound way better then they cost (not that they are a cheap pickup).

    I’m still catching up with your back catalogue (you guys are great for keeping that, some people dont and its really appreciated that you do).

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