Show 235 – Boz Digital Labs Interview with Boz

This week we interview Boz Millar of Boz Digital Labs and geek out about plugins.

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5 thoughts on “Show 235 – Boz Digital Labs Interview with Boz

  1. A very interesting show. Jon, you did a great job interviewing there. As a programmer myself I enjoyed it a lot. Time to start messing around in JS I think.

  2. Today I bit the bullet and bought Slate Digital’s VCC/VTM/VBC bundle and Valhalla Room reverb. I’ve been playing, mixing and recording for who-knows-how-long, and figured it was time to step it up a bit. Last year I purposefully banned myself from using anything other than Logic’s stock plugins. It was a fun experiment, but I am now ready to move on.

    I’ve been listening to you guys for a long time now. I figured that I should try some of the plugins you suggested. I let both Slate and Valhalla know that you are the reason I bought their gear, in case they want to send you buckets of cash for the referrals.

    Your podcast has made me a better recordist and mixer, and overall a better musician. You’ve helped me to produce others by helping me understand what is needed to make a quality final product. Thanks for the great shows/advice/insights. Donation is on the way.

    BTW: Jon, your comment about being too light to activate the wha-wha pedal made me shoot coffee through my nose on my way to work. I’m having the opposite problem – I’m too clumsy to avoid turning my wha off when I need it.

    Finally: Leave the chickens alone! They are going to be eaten soon, and don’t need you riding them. Sheesh…


  3. Great show, and Boz is a great dude.
    I loved hearing about his adventures in programming, as I have been trying to do the same thing. If anyone wants to explore making plugins, I also highly recommend WDL/IPlug. Martin Finke has a blog ( that walks through the process of creating a new plugin with WDL/IPlug. There is also a great thread entitled “What’s made with IPlug” that shows many of the plugins created with WDL/IPlug (

  4. Boz’s plugins are outstanding and I’d recommend any HRC listener out there to try out some of the demos. While they may not sound super flashy, I gotta say that they have become a game changer for me.
    I use the Sasquatch kick machine on probably 80% of my kicks and toms in every mix. The Mongoose plug makes a mix sound better by simply applying, without changing a thing! The plug ins I have (which is most of them) are all very easy to use, affordable and best of all, do a job very well.

    Like many other HRC listeners (who are waiting for a diploma….not looking at you Ryan! 🙂 ) I was persuaded to purchase ValhallaRoom and I love it. Without pushing the point, HRC listeners should put Boz’s plugs in the same category or wonderfully effective, useful and great sounding plugs by independent developers.

    Keep up the great show, or the sub standard show depending on if you are The Shredder or not. Cheers boys!

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