Show 242 – Ask HRS # 4

In this episode we answer your questions on topics such as:

  • whiny guitar amps
  • crappy guitar tones
  • speaker translation
  • John Petrucci
  • Focal CMS-50
  • Acoustic Treatment, how much is needed
  • 1073 clones
  • fun with delays
  • dirtying up an acoustic guitar
  • loudness metering
  • resampling

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4 thoughts on “Show 242 – Ask HRS # 4

  1. Hey guys, enjoying the new Ask HRS. Just pausing for a moment to say I recently got a new computer and switched to the 64-bit version of Reaper to match the OS. So far I have not experienced any problems at all. In fact, my only real issue has been trying to remember to download the 64-bit version when I update.

  2. Hey guys, I’m a huge Dream Theater/Petrucci fan, and I thought the “bashing” if you want to call it that, was hilarious!! Also his new guitar model is very ugly.. That coming from someone who owns a petrucci guitar. (the 1st model)

    That kind of music is definitely an acquired taste. Most prog nerds get pretty butt hurt when you talk bad about bands they like though. SO TREAD LIGHTLY. haha.

    Anyways here is a sweet dream theater song. That is mildly accessible.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Huge Dream Theater and Petrucci fan here too. Yeah, I can see why one wouldn’t like some of the stuff, especially the newer stuff… – I like the older stuff. The Awake album was what got me started…

    One of my most favorite DT songs:

    “Images and Words” album is more accessible but beautiful.
    “Live at Budokan” is a pretty cool live album

    Their ‘spin-off’ band Liquid Tension Experiment’s (with Tony Levin)’s excellent.

    With Rush, I would guess that the stuff in the 80s does sound dated maybe because of the heavy reverbs, rigid drum timing and synths? The best stuff in my opinion is between Farewell to Kings to Signals era. (Sorry, 2122 fans). Moving Pictures is what got me hooked.

    Everyone knows the song YYZ, but here’s one of my favorites:
    Cygnus X1 + Hemispheres

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