Show 243 – PreSonus Monitor Station V2 Review and Ryan’s Film Sound Recording Rig

This week Jon reviews the PreSonus Monitor Station V2 and Ryan shows us all the gear he needs for recording and mixing sound on set.
Check out the photos below to see Ryan’s rig.

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15 thoughts on “Show 243 – PreSonus Monitor Station V2 Review and Ryan’s Film Sound Recording Rig

  1. Less mess on the desk.
    Rack to my left, rack to my right.
    Reach over and tweak those knobs
    Muscle memory’s way off.

  2. Thanks so much for the rundown on Ryan’s film location kit. I’ve been getting more of that work and it’s very helpful to hear what you find to be useful. I’m always happy when you discuss the location recording stuff on your podcast. Don’t feel like you only have to talk about tracking rock bands and DIY gear (although that’s great too).

  3. I was listening to one of your shows. Don’t know which. I usually listen while I practice technique. I wouldn’t worry about the folks over at Audionow. You would thing that a podcast about audio would have a theme that is mixed correctly instead of the ear torcher they have. Not to mention that guy who’s voice is ear torcher as well. You guys sound good and your theme song is mixed immensely better than theirs.

    I don’t think either your’s, or their, content is any better than the other but I’ll stick with you guys as I hate that other guys voice.

    Rock on!

    BTW – Thanks for not having those stupid F***ing number, or letters, to prove I’m not a robot. I am American which is hard to discern but I’m still not a robot.

  4. Ryan,

    A while back when you guys were talking about turning mono sources into stereo ones, i think you suggested reamping, and then using two mics to record the reamped signal through speakers to make it stereo.

    I would love to hear your result with say an old mono recording (preferably a classical piece cause that’s what I’m working on) and maybe you could play it on the podcast?

    I would think that micing a piece of music through speakers would not be able to capture all of the frequency range of the piece of music? I can see it working for one instrument, but an entire mix? Seems like it wouldn’t sound quite right…Or am I way off here?

    thanks for the great show

    • I’ve been experimenting with that a bit too, where the source is 1) output from a synth/keyboard, and 2) reamp from a part that’s already recorded. For the reamping parts, I noticed some sort of degradation (due to maybe long unbalanced cable length), and/or converters of my interface, and also some different frequency response (mostly noticeable for clean parts) – but sometimes there are guitar effect pedals where the pro’s of getting the effect outweighs the cons of the bit of degradation.

      Since the material you mentioned is regarding classical, I’m assuming that one would want to preserve the sounds as pristine as possible, and not run it through a guitar amp+micing it, but just through reamp–> mono-in-stereo-out reverb pedal –> preamp–>converters DAW. Maybe have as short of a 1/4 inch cable between to reamp to the reverb pedal to minimize the loss of high-end? Or are you trying to mic just the room only to blend it with the mono in the mix, and do you have the intention of experimenting/processing the room sounds too?

      Sorry, I’m just rambling and thinking out loud….

      • Hey Lucas thanks for the post. I’m not sure what I want to do (^_^). I’ve been experimenting with the mono file in REAPER and been having fairly good results separating the file into different frequency bands and applying different reverbs to each frequency band and panning them at different positions within the mix to give an illusion of depth. I was pretty happy with the result until I heard Ryan say , “I would just reamp it”. I don’t have any of the tools for reamping at my disposal and I only have one mic (I’m not a recording engineer) so I was curious as to how it might sound. Before I start buying everything to see if it would work or not, I was wondering how it would sound. It is true that I want to preserve the original signal as much as possible so I was thinking if I reamped it and recorded it into a stereo signal and if it wasn’t pristine, I could just add that recorded stereo version it to the mono signal to give it more width???

  5. “Don’t go chasing waterfalls; stick to….”

    AAAAAHHHH FACK!!!!!! Get this shit outta my head!

    Why do I have this stuck on my brain, you ask?

    Well, because with no new episodes of HRS I’ve been forced to go back an relisten to old episodes. AC noise. Obvious gates. Polite conversations. Short segments. And above all, the old theme music.

    Oh, can’t somebody help me?

  6. Dear Ryan,
    Dear Jon without an “h”,
    Dear HRS community,

    It’s me, Michael, your annoying friend from Austria. The one that unknowingly put you in his spam filter and is forever sorry about it. And the one who always comments on Jon’s instagram posts because he wants some attention from his heroes. Or at least from those familiar voices that come out of his car stereo.

    Today something quite tragic happened – i listened to one of your shows. To be exact: it was this very show. The tragic part about it is – pretty exactly one year ago i started to go through the archives at show one and now I’m here. Show 243. Man, how did i get here? I thought it would never get to this point, but it happened anyway. I listened to every single f****ing show you put out there.

    And now?

    There is only a hole where once I was keenly looking forward to driving somewhere alone in my car (man, my girlfriend really can’t stand listening to HRS in the car… she’s just a weirdo!). There’s no meaning in going on a holiday if there are no episodes of this podcast on my iPod. I mean – what should i do now when I’m at the beach or in a spa? Should i f****ing read? F*** reading!

    A little bit of me just died inside. I think I’ll go back to being 16 and listening to My Chemical Romance and From First To Last. (Side note for Ryan: those are Emo bands. Because I’m so sad – get it?)

    Okay. Enough of the mourning. I finally made it through the archives – time to celebrate! For anybody who is still reading this awfully long comment – I’m sorry for that emotional outburst.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to recap a little bit about 243 great shows that inspired a young man from a far away country. There have been tons of great shows that you guys put out and I’m forever grateful. Since I’ve made it through all of the episodes i just wanted to post a quick list of things i learned from you guys – and write an awfully long post no one will ever read – so here we go:

    After all these great hours of listening to Ryan, Jon, Jesse (Yeah – someone remembers that guy who Ryan promised to get on the show as a guest since show 100) and all the great guests, here’s what you guys tought me:

    1) Making music is about having fun and being creative
    2) There’s nothing you can do wrong while recording!
    3) If it sounds right – it is right!
    4) If you’re just starting to record music – you’ll suck. But you’ll get better at it eventually.
    5) STAY CURIOUS! Always keep learning. The second you stop learning, you stop making progress!
    6) Don’t buy Behringer stuff except for headphone amps!
    7) Stay childish!
    8) Be thankful for having the opportunity to make music.
    9) Don’t be afraid to try things and abuse gear!
    10) The most important thing for getting a great recording is to play a great song in a great manner!

    And here are the top absolutely unnecessary things I learned:

    1) Pubic Lice are an endangered species
    2) Jon mixes without pants but with a wizard’s head
    3) Ryan likes to play with knobs

    Thanks again for so many great shows! I am hereby humbly asking for a Diploma if Ryan ever again has the time to send out a bunch of those f***ers 😉

    So here’s a poem to say thank you for 243 episodes of HRS and to encourage you to do 243 episodes more (which will probably take 30 years to be completed at the speed at which they are released right now 😛 )

    “Roses are read
    Violets are blue
    HRS is awesome
    Giggity Giggity Goo!”

      • Not at all Jon. A bit presumptuous of you….There was an awfully long layoff with no posts or messages or anything and it simply seemed that you had gone on to other things, especially now that Ryan isn’t doing much studio work. But your comment does speak volumes about you….hold grudges much?

  7. This makes me sad. I’ll admit to having silently enjoyed all 243 episodes in the past year. All the while I’ve felt guilty about not yet donating, and said to myself that I’ll do it someday. When I started listening to the show I was in the middle of renovating my old basement into a space where my band could bang out some demos. I’ve since caught the bug, have read a dozen books on recording/audio, have built all sorts of DIY treatment/gear, have started recording friends like crazy, and am in the beginnings of accepting clients in my modest project studio. I’ve sought out every Podcast I can find, and have to give the cake to HRS in terms of amount of information I’ve learned.

    I’m making my donation today, in hopes that you’ll continue the show. I’ve learned a ton, and hope to continue to do so. It’s not as much as I’d like to donate, but all of my money is now spent on Pre73s, mics to mod, and gear in general. Anyway, thanks.

    Resurrect the chicken, and ye shall ride it once again.

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