Show 244 – Tips for Mobile Drum Tracking Sessions and more

This week we have a great segment sent in by Brock Haltiwanger on recording drums in unfamiliar environments with portable gear. Guest host this week is Brandon S. Hire.

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5 thoughts on “Show 244 – Tips for Mobile Drum Tracking Sessions and more

  1. Hey guys!

    It’s really good to hear from you again and get another episode!! This one was really great!

    The mobile drum recording segment was awesome! The last example of the Ludwig kit was especially great! It actually reminded me of my favourite sounding drums (Ilan Rubin on Paramore’s Part II) but you were able to get it with a minimal setup (as opposed to the 30 mics that were probably used on the paramore record). Really really impressive… If i’ll ever get that sound at the source i can die happy xD

    By the was: somebody finally took the “ride the chicken”-thing to far

    Can’t wait for another Episode
    – Michael

  2. Thanks Michael! Also wanna thank the dudes for pointing out a couple things I forgot, 1) Not caring about what the drums/instruments look like in the room. Jon made a great point that I neglected to mention that the best sounding placement can look weird in a room sometimes and
    2) I think Brandon mentioned something about the heaviness of equipment in a mobile setup and the struggle is REAL haha. My 003 and 710s are in the same rack and that thing is no joke to haul around, not to mention its somewhat fragile and valuable contents. And stands are a bitch to move to, I bag them up and then they are heavy as hell.

    It’s an honor to be a contributor to HRS! Can’t wait for more shows!

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