Show 246 – The Last One…

In this episode Jon goes solo and gets one more show out before the end of the year. Adam Hawley sent in a segment on recording a song entirely with a smart phone in Rolling Ford Studio, aka his truck. Also, Jon has a quick review of some notable software and music from the past year.
ASK HRS is the next episode so send in your questions for Ryan and Jon.

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6 thoughts on “Show 246 – The Last One…

  1. Love this segment, missed you all, thanks for keeping it alive Jon. I have been playing a lot with recording in my car for the same reasons as Adam, no time otherwise so I have my mobile rig of iPad mini running Auria and a apogee one interface, Taylor big baby and a line6 mobile keyboard. On my lunch hour at work I drive to an empty parking lot and jump in the back seat at lay down some tracks, the car is amazingly absorptive. I highly recommend the apogee one. Happy new year all!

  2. The first segment was surprisingly good. Really liked the lo-fi sound of the song. I would be interested knowing how Adam found a way around the high monitoring latency on the android? I have a newer Samsung Galaxy phone and the latency on mine is horrible, about 100ms. The low latency solutions for android are coming, but still on their way, I don’t think even the newest androids have anywhere near as low audio latency as the iPhone.

    I have been using my phone to make music, but only more electronic and sample based stuff that I sequence manually, with phone-daws like Caustic and Nanoloop, both of which I recommend if you’re into electronic music. However, I would never trade my Reaper based studio for any kind of phone or tablet based solution.

    Thanks for all the years of doing this great show, I hope you’ll do more.

    • I honestly don’t recall having to deal with latency issues while tracking. this is with the caveat that i was not comparing this with a state of the art studio so if it was in the ball park of acceptable i rolled with it. I did have to nudge some of the tracks around so it was definitely part of the clean up phase, but not so much that it stopped the project.

      I would let you know which setting i used, but as a postscript to the segment it should be noted that you need ‘off device’ backup. I dropped and broke the phone and cant access any of the stuff. The phone still works but the screen is gone so im at a cross roads of having to fix that phone or write all my tracks off as a loss and go with a new phone.

    • I agree – the lo-fi recording I think added a lot to the song, for some reason 🙂 Like a dirty version of the song, and this really supported the mood of the vocals in my opinion! 🙂 So really great job there! Only the shaker threw me, on the “rattleshakes”;-)

  3. Great show jon.

    i rarely use my phone to record something other then quick ideas. But im thinking aboat using it as a control surface with reaper. Have you any further experience with that?

    the only exiting plugins ive used this year is the TT drm, and well it´s not the most exiting plugin but certainly one of the most useful in my chain.

    Music, its got to be “the safety fire” ive saw them opening for protest the hero in stockholm and they blew me away. Have a listen, you wont be disappointed.

    And lastly im sorry for being such a lazy ass. well im not that lazy, 2014 just crapped out on my family from august trough out the year and sprinkled the last months with death, terminal sickness and other depressing stuff. And on top of it all the firewire ports on the ff800 gave out. So ive been kind of not in the mood for doing things, but all is good now
    and segments (oh yes, plural) is soon to be mailed to you. Its a bit of narrating left to do, and i think ive got a window of time to do it in about two weeks. And in a attempt to lure out ryan, its aboat tubes, and amps. and other stuffs.

    Sorry for the novel
    i wish you both much of nice things, like puppies. Or panther chameleons ooooh panther chameleons are nice nice things.

  4. How about a post NAMM round table for an upcoming show? Do you think you might get Slau, Ronan, Jesse, and Dave Chick on to catch up on what they have been doing?

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