The Chicken

This page is dedicated to riding the dinosaur chicken*.

Hear the chicken*
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* Actually a rooster.

21 thoughts on “The Chicken

  1. Too cool. Can’t remember if the technique used to make this uber spifffy noise was pitch shifting and time stretching but if you apply an opposite technique will you get the sound of the Lightning Chicken*?

    Just wanting to know if you have a little saddle or do you mount that chicken bareback?

  2. The rooster’s name is Foxy and he’s an Old English Game Bantam. He’s smaller than a pigeon and silver with some gold here and there. He makes his dino noise when he thinks he sees other predatory animals or when someone coughs or sneezes.

    Roosters are male chickens, hens are female chickens, so saying it’s a chicken is correct, no asterisk needed. 🙂

  3. Nice. The slowed down stuff sounds about exactly like the times I’ve tried to play the trumpet.

    Good thing there are other instruments out there.

  4. For my next trick….

    The dinochicken has made an appearance on a regional radio talk show.
    I was guest-hosting today, and doing our weekly segment with the station’s meteorologist and all-around science expert.
    He brought up new evidence for dinosaurs having evolved into birds.
    I gave my producer the dinorooster as further evidence….and hilarity ensued.

    Here’s the audio, for your enjoyment: or

    I’ll try to embed it below:

  5. WOW, I just discovered this show. I know I’m late but you guys rock. I downloaded all the shows from 2008 and have been incessantly listening on the train and at home becuase you guys have a great way of putting things for recording enthusiasts. I plan on donating this week after I get paid.

    Where can I post questions for the show?

    Question: If you were recording vocals and Electric/Acoustic guitar in your home studio, would you rather have an AKG C414XLS or an AT4050? I have an AKG C414 B-ULS i plan on selling for either the XLS or an AT 4050. Thoughts?

  6. Hey Guy’s love the show, quick question for Jon, just wondering if you’ve had any problems with your Profire 2626 SPDIF output, I just started to use the SPDIF output because I’m now using the Dangerous D-Box and would like to use the 8 Channels of Summing and I order to monitor the summing you need to go out of the Dbox back into the Profire and then out of the SPDIF. I was in contact with MAudio and they suggested I uninstall the drivers and reinstall them, did that and it worked for a short time and is acting up again. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

    • never had a problem with S/PDIF on my profire. I use mine to send in and out of my TC Electronic GSharp. I use internal sync and don’t get any clicks or sync issues. You may want to try setting the profire to S/PDIF (coax). Generally the device that sends is the master, in this case it would be the DBox.
      Faulty cable maybe? Is it a proper S/PDIF cable or just an RCA audio cable?

      • Thanks Jon for the reply. The only thing I could do to get it to work is cut the power to the D-Box off and on and that seemed to “reset it” and it works now. Looking forward to the next show.

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