Show 001 – Phase, Parametric EQ, and Tracking with Compression

This is our very first show. We thank you for coming to check it out.

This week Jon talks about phase issues using multiple mics, Des talks about the benefits of using parametric EQ to remove unwanted frequencies, and Ryan discusses compression at the tracking stage.

We hope that you enjoy the show and please give us your feedback.

Listen to show # 1

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9 thoughts on “Show 001 – Phase, Parametric EQ, and Tracking with Compression

  1. Thank you guys for starting this Podcast.
    I just listened to all four episodes over the past two days & I really enjoyed your coverage.

    With all the other music podcast out there taking their breaks, it’s nice to know that we can turn to The Home Recording Show!

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  3. Great show! I look forward to hearing them all over the next few days. I would like to hear more about mic techniques, maybe an extension from the first show. The surgical EQ was a short but excellent discussion. A good segment might be your thoguhts on using modeling amps/products (unless you’ve already done that and I have yet to listen to it); classic pitfalls to avoid when using them. It would be good to take classic and modern recordings and break them down with examples. You might not be able to play them due to copyright issues, but you can talk about them. You could give a time frame of the particular song/technique you are describing. I would love to hear about techniques used on multiple recordings that I could then go listen to. Time honored techniques that span the ages or how they were modified to create a different effect (evolution). How about a segment about a studio on a budget and which products might make the best bang for the buck? Sorry if I am repeating segments you’ve already done.

  4. Hey guys, thanks for the great content. I’m a young music educator about to get into teaching music in high schools and have very little background in audio. I’m catching up with your shows and the content is amazing. Just wanted to say thanks!

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