Show 35 – Shotgun Mics and Home Studio to A Business (Part 2)

This week Jesse talks about shotgun mics and the whole group finish up the follow up questions that have been asked about making your home studio into a business.

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One thought on “Show 35 – Shotgun Mics and Home Studio to A Business (Part 2)

  1. Hey Guys,
    Great show! been listening for a while.

    So here’s my question, more like a situation.
    I’ve been pondering about turning the home studio into a business and start taking paying clients, but obviously its a big step. someone in another forum brought up a good question and i would like to get your feedback.
    So, you have just opened your studio , your’e trying to get your name out there and you get some very untalented and stubborn clients in. terribly off time, cannot play to click, just bad musicians and dont understand the “crap in – crap out” theory. They expect you to work your magic and make everything sound amazing.

    So track doesent end up sounding as “amazing” as they want, due to there terrible playing. so they could thus bad mouth you and your studio , potentiality causing you to lose reputation and business as a new studio… etc.

    i hope that makes sense.

    thanks for your time, keep the shows coming!

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