Show 60 – Review of the Golden Age Pre-73 and Best Albums of the Decade

In this episode, Ryan does a review of the Golden Age Pre-73 and Jesse talks about his picks for the best albums of the decade

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11 thoughts on “Show 60 – Review of the Golden Age Pre-73 and Best Albums of the Decade

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  2. I have a small home studio setup where I`ve recorded local bands from time to time and just love to immerse myself in studio banter whenever I can – so as you can imagine I love listening to your show!

    I just wanted to suggest that you all check out the dvd Cabin Fever by the Black Crowes if you haven`t already. I`m a long term fan of theirs who had lost my way a bit recently with their work but this latest is just incredible. The dvd is also quite interesting from a recoding point of view as it`s recorded live infront of a small audience at Levon Helm`s studio and has a spectacular sound. (Some bits are obviously footage of a different take – but most of it is true to take from what I can tell).

    Also another quick recommendation is the psp sQuad eq plugins – just got them (60% reduction at the moment til 17th Jan) – and I`ve been really oimpressed with how well they`ve worked do far.

    I`ll stop now – but many thanks for the shows.

  3. Show 60
    For some reason this episode, Ryan is a lot louder than Jesse-listen to the playback. I WANT you guys to sound professional, and it bugs me when the mic levels are this unequal. I hope you’re able to correct this on future podcasts.

    A question: I have a condenser mic and my Behringer mixer has Phantom power on it. What will a “mic-pre” do that phantom power won’t? Sounds like a mic-pre is a combination power and equalizer box.

    Thanks guys!


  4. Hey Rusty thanks for the comment

    Guess who edited this episode…Ryan did! He loves the sound of his own voice. Just joking. Ryan is usually panned center with Jesse and I panned a bit to the side, he probably didn’t compensate for the increased level. I’ll make sure he’s lower in the next one.

    As for the preamp. When we talk about preamps we’re referring to an external device that connects to our audio interface. These external boxes have many of the same features built into the audio interface inputs, but with much higher quality.
    Phantom power is just one of the features in a mic preamp, though that’s one of the few things that doesn’t vary in quality, it just has to work.

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  6. Hey,

    Now that you’ve owned it and presumeably been using it for over 6 months now, I wonder what you think of the Pre-73 now? I’m seriously considering picking one up myself. I have a Grace 101 pre which is very clean, so I think the Pre-73 would complement it well.

    I know you recorded your segment using the Pre-73 on this episode, but I would be curious to hear some examples of the range of character that the unit will provide using the full range of settings.

    Maybe a follow-up segment???


    • I love it and use it all the time. Mostly on electric guitars, bass, and vocals. The clean pres that I have still get plenty of work from the acoustic instruments and vocals that do not need that little mid sweetening. I think with the Grace that you already have, it will be an excellent compliment. I still highly recommend it!

  7. Hi! I’m from Australia and have recently got into the voice over business using a RodeNT2A microphone, Presonus Audiobox with USB connected to a laptop. I will soon be a proud owner of a Golden Age Pre73 microphone pre Amp and hope to enhance the quality of my recordings using this product in conjunction with the Presonus. However, not being very knowledgeable with connecting the equipment, I would appreciate any advice from you. Thanks and keep up the good work. Arlen.

    • It should be pretty simple. Mic > Golden Age Pre-73 > Outboard Compressor (if you have one) > Presonus. Ideally you would have a dedicated input that did not run into a preamp on your interface, but work with what you got. Make sure that there is zero gain set on the Presonus for best results. I think that you will be happy with your new toy. You will certainly notice a difference in the color of the tone.

  8. Just wanted to say for past two months, I’ve started listening from show 1 and will continue until I’m all caught up. I wanted to extend a thank you for all the great info and advise! Really do appreciate what you guys are doing!

  9. Ryan, I’m not sure what show it was now, but you mentioned that if you were to get another 1073 clone, it might not be a Pre 73. What would your top contenders be now?

    GSAA, Thanks again to you both!

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